Should You Buy New or Used

by : dennis james

When you decide to purchase a new car, there are many things you must take into consideration. First there is the car's make and model. There are small hatchbacks you can buy, family cars or, if you prefer, large SUVs.

It all depends on your personal needs and your budget, the bigger the car, the more it will cost and the more gas it will consume. Think about the future when buying the car, not only on your current financial position. Then what kind of car you will buy: a new one or a used car.

Both situations have their pros and cons. Buying a new car has the main advantage that you will be the car's first owner. You will be the first one to drive it, it will smell like new and you can be considered the proud owner of a brand new vehicle.

Another important fact is that a new car with a two or three year guarantee, so the manufacturer ensures you that the car will function properly this entire time. In addition, if sometimes breaks, it will be covered by the warranty and the vendor will change that faulty item free of charge.

However, all these advantages come with a price. A new car is always going to be more expensive than a used one. In addition, not only do you pay a lot more when you buy it, but also the car will loose its value very fast. In fact, a new car looses about 15% of its initial value each year. In addition, when you will want to sell it after a couple of years, you will see that you have obtained a lower price than hoped.

On the other hand, a more convenient way of purchasing a car is to buy a used one. Not everybody has the money to buy a new car and an used vehicle is the perfect solution for them.

A car is more than a luxury object nowadays, it is indeed a necessity. If you have kids, you can even go as further as to say that a car is vital. You can go anywhere you want anytime you want, you can do the shopping very conveniently and you can carry more things than before. And a used car is a great solution, especially if you can find a car in good working condition.

When it comes to buying second hand cars, there are many solutions available. While you can read the newspapers and follow those ads, you can buy a used car in a more convenient way.

Many good cars can be found in online auctions. There are many online cheap repo car sales and if you are lucky, you can even find a car up to 95% off its retail value.

Repo cars are in perfect condition but they are very cheap as these vehicles have been repossessed, for various reasons, from their initial owners. Usually these cars have traveled few miles and for the past recent years they have stayed in a garage and not on the streets. Choosing a cheap repo car can be the perfect solution for you, especially as you can be sure of the car's origin and about the fact that the car has not been hit or damaged