Five Automotive Tools Every Auto Owner Needs

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As we all know automobiles are sizeable investments. As car becomes older, the car maintenance becomes very important. You should be always ready to face any kind of situation. A car owner should have all the important tools. Some times auto shops or mechanics can charge you huge amount for the simple fix that can be done at a very cheaper prize. So with little knowledge and proper tools u can fix the problem. In this way you can save some money, learn more about your car and also maintain it well.

Jack and jack stand
This is first and foremost tool the owner should have in his car. In any unfortunate incident of flat tire, having a jack and a spare tire can make things simpler. Before you jack up the car, put the handbrake and on the first gear. Try to find out something to use as a chock in front of the opposite wheel to prevent it from moving. Also find the appropriate fitting point for the nearest to the wheel you want to change. It is worth remembering that the jack supplied by the auto dealers is purely for the tire change not for any other repairs. You should be extremely cautious that you do not place any parts of your body under the car whilst it is raised.
Oil Wrench
Replacing the oil filters is one most important car maintenance practice that owners carry themselves with the modern cars. For the better car are, the auto manufacturers recommend oil change once in every 3000 miles. But as service intervals get ever longer, some car owners prefer to change the lubricant frequently. To a successful oil change is having an oil wrench that takes the oil filter off and allows the oil to be changed expediently. With out the oil wrench, an auto owner may be forced o take their car to an auto shop and overpay for a simple change.
Socket set
This is another important tool that has to be there on the tool kit. When dealing with the parts of engine, hard to reach spots under the hood, a proper tool is required. 3/8-inch Socket Set allows car owners to handle the wide varieties of bolts. With different extensions the socket allows the auto owner to obtain the best angles for torque and therefore making the job much easier.
Funnel, Rags.....
Funnel, rags, buckets all these will be a great helpful when it comes to the oil change as it can be bit messy. And with the help of all these tools can be done with out much effort. Having the funnel can also be helpful in refilling the other fluids.
Vice grips
This is also important tool. As sometimes a part will not just come loose and other times it may seem to be tight enough despite once good efforts. When encountering a part that will simply not come loose, many auto owners will give up and take their car to a shop. Having vice grips can help one to avoid this problem.
Unfortunately, there is no car in existence that doesn't require constant maintenance. However, with the right tools, and with little knowledge anyone can fix minor problems and maintain his or her automobile without the assistance of an auto mechanic.