How Your Bmw is Born and Why Its Important to You

by : Chet Waters

How Your BMW Is Born And Why It's Important To You

If safety, reliability and value ,plus great design and performance, are important to you when deciding which luxury car to own---then this is something you need to understand. All car companies talk a good game. But very few actually deliver on their long term promises.

Picture this-------

Somewhere in Germany an automotive engineer, let's call him Hans, sits waiting in anticipation of the news that will surely change his life. News that will definitely alter the lives of millions of people worldwide. His hands are sweating. His heart rate is elevated. The pupils in his eyes are dilated. It's not from fear, but a heightened sense of things that dominate his mind. He's about to find out if the answer is "yes" or "no". His mouth is dry as he waits restlessly for the decision that he longs to hear.

Sort of reminds you of the feelings most parents have while waiting to find out if they are going to have a little "bundle of joy" added to their family doesn't it?

Have you ever felt this way?

Finally the moment arrives. The phone rings as Hans stands in his office surrounded by his "team" of seasoned professionals. As he answers the phone he hits the button for the speaker. He wants his entire team to hear the news all at the same time. Be it good or bad. They are in this together.

As the voice on the other end of the phone says, "Congratulations", the entire team erupts in celebration. This is the moment that Hans and his team have been waiting for at BMW. After more than a year in development, "the team" gets the final approval to start production on their new model BMW that they envisioned. All their hard work has paid off. And like any proud parent, Hans is beaming with pride for himself and his team.

So what does this mean to you?

The fact is, when you invest in your new BMW not only do you get a great car, but also you get peace of mind. Why? Because Hans and thousands of other engineers dedicate their lives to making you and your family safe, secure and happy in your very own BMW. And like any human birth, the birth of your BMW can be long and sometimes difficult.

Once your BMW comes off the assembly line the journey is just beginning. Because your BMW isn't really "born" until it has passed the torture test by surviving the most intense new car testing in the world.

This is where the big boys really get tested.

The Nuerburgring Track , affectionately referred to as "The Green Hell", in Germany is where all new BMW's are tested. In fact, according to company information, BMW is the ONLY car company which tests every new car it builds to the unique stresses of "The Ring".

Designed by Eichler Architekturburo, the track was initially built to increase tourism, provide jobs and show-off to the world German automotive engineering accomplishments. What began in the fall of 1925 and finished in the spring of 1927, has become this grueling 17.5 mile track which includes 33 lefts turns and 40 right turns. The track even narrows to eight meters in some parts making it even more difficult for car and driver.

Famed race car driver Jackie Stewart named the track "The Green Hell".

Because each new BMW is pushed to its physical limits while being tested, you can always feel confident that your BMW experience will be world class. In fact, BMW was the first car company to open a permanent test center at "The Ring".

Just for a minute, imagine yourself behind the wheel of a new BMW as it strives to survive the 17.5 mile track at "The Ring". Because this track was designed to make both car and driver be tested to their limits, only the best and strongest will continue on their journey. After all, if you have a demanding lifestyle, your BMW must be equally up to the task.

Like any new "bundle of joy", feel free to experience family pleasures because now you know, "How Your BMW Is Born And Why It's Important To You".

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