Some Of The Reasons Why Hybrid Automobiles Are So Popular

by : Gregg Hall

Basically a hybrid car is a battery powered car and a gas powered car. The battery drives the car until more horsepower is needed such as to get on the highway or interstate. The battery will let you cruise I think of speeds up to 60mph but if you want to accelerate fast then you have to use the gas.

Hybrid cars are simple really you just have batteries then you have the gas motor and then you have a transmission and gas storage. As you may already know though it gets really good gas mileage because you don't really need to use the gas motor unless you need to accelerate really quickly. That is the secret behind the good mpg.

The cool thing about the gas motor in hybrids is that you only need gas in the motor to power the generator that powers the batteries which drives the car. So you only need enough gas to start the car really but it is good to have a full tank at all times as needed in case something did however fail.

The new hybrids I think are pretty cool I mean you don't have to fill up on gas that much because unless you are racing you do not need the gas you just need the batteries to be able to cruise. I think it is a good idea and I would like to own a hybrid because of the gas prices these days. Think about it you would be filling up maybe once a week that is pretty good you might even be able to make that last two weeks depending on how much that you drive around and how far you drive.

They are coming out with new hybrids all the time and I am sure that soon they will be coming out with just a battery powered car that can speed and not need gas. I think that would be the future that or hydrogen powered cars. Maybe even propane but that's still a gas just like hydrogen.

So if you want a hybrid and you are tired of paying for gas then you need to get one and you would need one even more if you worked far from home because I am sure that if you are driving a regular gas powered car now you would be saving at least 60% if you converted to the hybrid. These cars are very cool and save awesome amounts on gas and will let you just use the battery until you need to speed up for some reason. So if you want one start looking today for your new hybrid you might find one that you like a lot.