Car Lease Specials: the Baby Land Rover

by : Daniel Lamb

The new Land Rover is slightly smaller than previous models, earning it the Baby Land Rover title. It's the kind of model that Land Rover really wants to push to the green market as well, as it will feature technology increasing efficiency and further boosting the green credentials that Land Rover wants to offer the market. These technologies will include the stop-start system and a hybrid drivetrain, both that are likely there to reduce CO2 emissions in this range of vehicle.

All that said, do suspect that people will be more interested in the exterior more than what runs this SUV because it will sport the LRX front aggressive look, which really gives away the influence of the build. Also, the car will be a little higher to give occupants more headroom and more luggage space. The model however will not be as tall as the Freelander it is based on, with shallow side windows and pillars on the side that make the roof look like it's suspended in air. A split tailgate tops off this beautiful future of car lease specials from Land Rover.

Inside, one will find a two-toned theme of the cabin, a dashboard that will more than likely look like the Freelanders current offering, and luxurious material ranging from leather and wood to carbon fiber and aluminum.

Engine options will also be quite numerous with the stop-start technology fitted into a 2.2 liter diesel and a 3.2 liter straight six gas version. This means lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. There are rumors of the car using a more advanced type of hybrid system as well, with talk of the use of super capacitors instead of batteries that will store energy from regenerative braking. Motors hidden in the front wheels will allow a driver to get more speed as electricity flows to run them.

All in all, this is a Land Rover and only quality is expected from this seasoned manufacturer. No name has been given to the new baby Land Rover but there have been suggestions of sticking it with the Freelander brand. Still a little far off, the sports SUV is expected to hit showrooms in 2010. So it may be best to save all that money you have now to get one of these car lease specials from Land Rover in the future.

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