Air Horns on Cars & Trucks - the Next Big Trend

by : Robert

Forget jacking your truck up, neons, and chrome rims, today's auto junkies have air horns! Not just any kind of air horn though, real train horns. That's right, it's the new sensation, and people can't get enough of the ear-splitting sound.

The madness started with sites like popping up, posting videos on Youtube of them riding around scaring the living daylights out of people with their horns. Not long after, other truck websites followed. Then, before you know it, everyone on the block has a 150 plus decibel train horn.

Since the horns require high intensity air flow, you have to have an air source. This includes an air tank and a compressor. Along with other hardware & valves, you have a complete air horn setup. sells kits that are easily installed on just about any automobile. The prices range from about $200 to over $600. Each range kit has different specs and decibels of sound. The great thing about buying them as a kit, is you have everything you need to install it. The kits also come with full color directions, making it easier for the first time installer.

The question your probably thinking now is, how am I going to fit a 5 gallon air tank, compressor, hosing, and the horns in to my Honda Accord? Luckily some sites like offer smaller systems. For instance you can buy the 'car kit' which includes a smaller size air tank, and compact horns.

Most people with cars put the tank in the trunk, along with the compressor and run a high intensity hose to the air horns. The horns don't have to mount facing forward, this is a common misconception. They're just as effective facing down, towards the ground.

So, your thinking of getting an air horn, but just out of curiosity, you want to know...What's the loudest horn out there? That's a good question. The loudest horn made is the Nathan K5. Not many people sell it because it's only available to locomotive related companies. Only a small, select group of sites sell them, and there not cheap! The average price for just the horns is well over $1500. Not to mention you need an air system to push it.
Air horns can be a lot of fun. If and when you decide to purchase one, check out the sites I mentioned in the article. Also be very careful with your new horns, there not toys, and can be dangerous, so use them responsibly.