Driving Tips For New Drivers

by : Wolfgang Jaegel

It is very important for a new driver to build a good driving record. A smart driver will always be a safe driver. It is better to enroll in driving program conducted by any of the driving institutions before getting into the driver's seat. It is a must to understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. The most important driving tips for new drivers follow :

i) Selection of Car
It is most important to select a suitable car for a novice driver. According to experts, the most suitable vehicle for a novice driver is medium sized vehicles rather than small cars or sports cars. Most of the young first time drivers prefer sports cars than medium sized vehicles, but it is not good for a new driver. People always think that old cars are always better for first time drivers, but it is purely nonsense. Experts always recommend a new car with good performance for a novice driver, because there will be no unexpected problem with it.

ii) Auto Transmission
It is better to select auto transmission vehicles for a novice driver rather than manual ones. A first time driver can easily lose his focus just because of the driving distractions such as tuning the audio system, looking at the sign boards and talking with the co-passengers. So a car with manual transmission has to be avoided to stay away from these types of issues. It is recommended to use auto transmission vehicles in the first and use the manual transmission vehicles only after getting one or two years of driving experience.

iii) Insurance Coverage
Insurance is the most important thing that you have to look at before you go for the first drive. It is always recommended to insure your vehicle because it helps to save your money whenever you face a vehicle accident. If you add more and more accidents to your driving record then the insurance premium will go higher than the normal one.

iv) Don't Drink and Drive

Alcohol driving is prohibited in almost all countries around the world. It is a must to have the knowledge about alcohol driving to both novice and experienced drivers.

For a first time driver, it is a trying task to drive in the city during rush hours and drive to an unfamiliar place. There are a number of things to be noted in order to have a smooth driving experience. As a novice driver, you have to make sure that you select the least traffic time for city drive. Get the clear direction or locate the destination with the help of any of your friends or relatives incase of driving to a place that is unfamiliar.

Always be conscious about the surrounding whenever you drive on the highway or in the city. Look on the road carefully and check your rear view mirror while driving. You have to keep your vehicle well maintained by having it repaired at the right time. Special attention should be paid to the tires, brakes, windshield wipers and lights. Always clean your vehicle's windows and mirrors, particularly in snow and ice.

If you need to avoid getting in to the traffic jam in the morning times then you have to leave home a little bit early to get to the destination prior to the morning rush hour traffic. The same thing you can apply in the evening also. Try to listen the radio to find out the where there are traffics jams, so you can easily avoid those areas. If you are going to an unknown place then you have to make sure that you have a map, a companion, or any other automated system in your car that will direct you to the right place.

As a first time driver, you have to keep distance from the vehicle in front of you. Avoid using cell phones or any other navigation devices while driving because you lose your focus and it may lead to accidents. You should be very careful at the stop signs and traffic lights.

Both your hands should be placed on the steering wheel because one hand driving is always dangerous. Volume of the stereo in your vehicle must be in a reasonable level. If you keep it too loud then it is a bit hard to hear the horns and police and ambulance sirens. With these driving tips for new drivers, you can make your next trip a stress-free adventure.