Car Lease Specials: Ford Focus Over the Years

by : Daniel Lamb

The Focus nowadays is borderline luxury vehicle, what with its looks and drive that will beat an of the car lease specials in the market. But before this came to be, there was a time when the Focus didn't quite hold its own top spots. These were days when hatchbacks mean buying from Vauxhall or even Ford's own Escort. But now, the Focus is updated, quite futuristic, solid, and definitely something that the upper market wants to buy.

The Ford's makeover is largely based around the Mondeo and this is an improvement seen like no other. But can it fare well with the competition that has been coming out of other manufacturer's assembly lines? All the way from France, we see Peugeot is making at a comeback with the 308. Nissan has also recently released the Qashqai that seems to take cars a step further, aiming to change the market with its quality build. Of course, this is not a surprise from the Japanese, who are known for their quality and reliability when it comes to their various car lease specials. And speaking of the Japanese, there is also the Honda Civic to contend with, a car that hasn't quite attracted many with its looks but is known to be quite the performer.

So looking at the Focus now, does it look like it has a bright future ahead of it? Well, looking back at old car lease specials, it most certainly looks like the Focus is here to stay. It's gone through many changes and even offers itself to a higher end market, compared to its shabby past manifestations. The Focus is definitely evolving and it enough so that Ford, in time, can take the top spot in quality manufacturing.

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