Common Sense Driving Can Improve Gas Mileage

by : dennis james

Like many other people in your case you might be interested in buying a car that you love, or you think you love from those auto magazines or because you like how it looks, or because what you heard is great. But in most of these cases, you never tried the car yourself, you never drove it, took it for a drive test, to see exactly how it feels, and the worst thing is that you cannot take those gas numbers for granted, giving the variety of driving conditions you can drive a car.

You can drive a car economically, and therefore have a low gas mileage, or you can drive careless, and have a huge one. And this depends on the car as well, and some of these tips can be seen within a drive test, but how about all the other details? Well, the main problem is that people do not seem to drive wisely.

Most people seem to take those numbers for granted and do not understand that the way one drives is the only thing that can change the gas mileage.

Of course, gas quality, minimum car gas demand - these two factors are also influencing the mileage but, regarding the minimum demand, there is nothing you can do about it, because that is the way in which it comes out of the factory. Yet, there are ways which anyone can make a difference and pay less for more miles.

For example, one of the main reasons for which people get a very unfortunate gas mileage is because they drive crazy, they feel the need to rush, even if in some cases it will only bring them 5 minutes earlier to their destination. The fact that nowadays people are always on the run, and are always late makes them rush and of course, get that awful gas mileage.

Now, if you want to see better numbers every month you can plan your schedule ahead of time and avoid those useless rushes. You see, driving at 65 mph is more gas-friendly than going up to 90 mph, and this is where you make the economy.

The paradox comes when most of the times driving at 90 mph will only bring you a couple of minutes earlier tha you would of arrived otherwise. Now think about it, is it really worth it? For example, if you drive with 20 mph slower you will improve your gas mileage by about 15-17 percent, and you will only lose about 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the length of your trip.

Another thing that will always make you lose your gas in no time is breaking it hard - you see, whenever you are doing those maneuvers of stopping really fast, and leaving just as fast - these fast stop and go maneuvers will only say goodbye to your gas faster.

An interesting tip if you wan to improve those ugly gas numbers is to replace the air filters and some say this will reduce your gas mileage with about 10 percent or even more. One other great thing about the replacement of the air filter is that it will also add more protection to the engine, prolonging its life.