How Much Do Car Clubs Cost And Are They Worth The Expense?

by : Gregg Hall

The cost of a car club depends on what the benefits are going to be when you join. Most of organizations like this do not offer much at all and others offer a garage to work with your cars in. there are many factors that go in to determining the cost for a monthly or annual fee of a car club. Most of the time it will cost anywhere from 5 dollars a month to 50 dollars a year to belong to a decent group. That is really good considering how many people are going to be in the car club and how many are already in it. If you want to be in an organization that is free then you should just make up your own. Nothing is free in the day that we live in not even water.

If you are in a club that is just about tuners then you probably won't have to pay anything or at the most like 5 dollars. With a high end car club, for example if you are in a Supra club, it can get to be expensive but you are also driving a 100,000 dollar car. If you are in a high end car club then you should not be worried about the cost of the group I would be more worried about my car. A lot of high end clubs also just meet in parking lots to talk and chat they are not even really groups, just get-togethers.

A lot of organizations are made and formed to host car shows or even racing. There will be a drag strip and a track at these types of organizations and you will see why the track and drag strip is there. You will see cars from twin turbo Supras to little trucks that just have air bag suspension under them. There are many things to be witnessed at a car show that is being hosted by an organization.

If you are paying for your membership to be in a car club then you should be getting a shirt and some kind of newsletter or something. You might have a sticker on your windshield instead of a shirt because your car might be your shirt and the sticker is your pass. There are many things to consider when you are joining a group.

You will most of the time get free stuff when you join a car club like shirts, stickers, and just stuff that makes you rep the car club. If you want to be in the group you need to represent them in some way that is why they give you a shirt and a sticker to put on your windshield usually. If you don't like the car club that you are in now then you should go find one that you like. The kind of car club that you should be in should be the one where people are nice and want to talk and meet with you.