The TT, The Diamond On The Forecourts Of Audi Dealerships

by : Thomas Pretty

A car that should be in Audi dealerships near you is the astonishing Audi TT. Audi are not exactly renowned for their sports car prowess but the S models have become an increasingly large constituent on the forecourts of Audi dealerships. Utilising the technological developments made in the supremely designed S models the TT pools knowledge from the company's road car company as well as its motor sport wing.

Audi have worked hard at putting sumptuously designed cars on the forecourts of their dealerships. The Audi TT can be seen as a complete style classic and a watershed in modern car design. Its revolutionary styling can be viewed as a predecessor to the absolutely stunning R8. The same curves and organic feel are retained while the R8 benefits from a far edgier, more aggressive stance than the softer nature of the TT.

The TT is present in Audi dealerships is practically a race car for the road. With a high torque engine that utilises high revs to lay down startling amounts of power; 0-60 mph comes in a rapid five seconds and with a large top speed the Audi TT certainly lives up to its sports car label. Four wheel drive means this power is always there and put down on the road efficiently.

The Audi Quattro system has long been the envy of other manufacturers. The Quattro car revolutionised rally racing and strung together a record series of results as rivals were left in its wake. While you can no longer find a Quattro in most Audi dealerships the TT gives drivers an experience that resembles the original Quattro in terms of performance and handling. The TT may even surpass this eighties motoring legend.

Technologically the car is an absolute dream. The petrol engine achieves outstanding performance whilst remaining efficient; vital in today's environmentally conscious society. The power to weight ratio helps with this as the light materials used in the construction of the Audi TT aid the efficiency of its engine. Direct injection also adds to fuel efficiency, knowledge that has been crucial in Audi's success in endurance racing events.

Naturally any car that can drive at the speed of the TT will have to have suitable safety systems, in this case Audi have surpassed themselves with attention to detail that is second to none. A high tech seat belt system ensures the safety of passengers. Not only are the crash precautions extensive but brakes are supremely designed ensuring awesome stopping power and a stable retarding platform.

The cockpit is designed purely with the driver in mind; all aspects are focussed towards the driving experience. The dashboard panels are angled to lead the view of the driver to the road while the steering wheel makes for an amazingly comfortable driving position.

The interior however is comfortable for the passenger also, with leather interior and the option of bucket seats available at most dealerships. While rear passengers will not be too comfortable there is space behind the front seats and boot to stow away luggage and even a couple of golf bags.

The TT is one of the nicest looking cars ever to be sold at Audi dealerships. Its styling is once again revolutionary and is sure to turn heads in the street. The price tag matches the design ethic where expense has not been a great concern, but for those who can afford it, it will be a pleasure to drive for years to come.