to Help Women Purchase Autos

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The World Wide Web is teeming with sites offering different services to consumers looking to buy a vehicle - either used or brand new. But until now, none is focused on the needs of women auto shoppers alone. That niche will be taken cared of which is the first auto site dedicated to helping female consumers.

Said site was recently launched by CarTango, Inc., according to The Auto Channel. The site will give women the chance to shop for vehicles online and find the best deals for them. This means vehicles which will fulfill their needs and at the same time, does not burn a hole in their pockets.

According to the creators of the site, has a number of tools which are at the disposal of women car shoppers. One of these tools is designed to pick out the best vehicle which will suit not only the needs of the female car shopper but also her personality. After pinpointing the right vehicle, the site has the tool to look for that particular auto on listings of new and used vehicles.

These tools are just some of the features of the site which are all designed for women car shoppers. Daniel Osborne, founder and Chief Executive Officer of CarTango, said that the new site is designed to help women because of the impact of female auto shoppers in the market as a whole.

" is designed to provide a better experience for the primary purchasers of automobiles in the United States - women," said Osborne. "Women directly purchase over 50% and influence the purchase of over 80% of all vehicles sold. Unlike any other site on the internet, the functionality and exclusive features of were specifically designed to address the wants and needs of this powerful female demographic. CarTango ultimately makes it easier for women to locate and purchase their ideal new or used car, at the best price because it eliminates the frustrating aspects of the car-buying process that typically inhibit female consumers."

Like other auto information site, CarTango also boasts of millions of data for vehicles. It is essential for them to have this as they should have a wide variety of choices for their consumers. This data pool may even include information about specific auto parts such as which consumers might need. Another feature of the site is it allows has video test drives thus visitors will be able to get an idea of how a particular vehicle really performs on the road.