General Motors President Says Industry at Crossroads

by : Anthony Fontanelle

After the huge success that was the North America International Auto Show, automakers are now showing off their wares at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. Among these automakers is Detroit's General Motors. The said automaker is one of the companies looking forward and looking for a solution to the increasing threat of global warming.

During his keynote address at the said event, General Motors North America President Troy Clarke pointed out that the industry is in a crossroad. He likened the situation of the auto industry to the country. Clarke likened automakers like General Motors to presidential candidates.

"When it comes to the pending election, the candidates will tell you that the nation is at a crossroads. There are important issues that must be addressed. And, then they'll tell you that they are the right person at the right time in history. They reach out to us with their 'vision' of a better America... with their 'vision' of a better future," said Clarke. He also said that "this is exactly how automakers think as well. I am here to tell you that when it comes to personal transportation, and the auto industry, our way of life is at a crossroads."

Clarke went on to say that General Motors is addressing the solution of "energy security, climate change and the cost of transportation". These factors are known to not only affect the status of the environment but also the cost of ownership of vehicles.

The top level executive pointed out that they have three goals which are of course related to each other. Clarke said that the foremost concern is for the people, the consumers. "Starting with the people, which is first and foremost on our list for good reason. We - the industry, to include GM - have to develop cars and trucks that people will want to buy... not just what we may want to sell them," said Clarke.

The second goal for General Motors according to Clarke is concerned about the protection of the environment thus the development of so-called green cars. General Motors believes that they should offer their consumers with a wide choice of green cars.

"For GM, the solution involves developing multiple solutions to give the customer choice. Because, just like there are a variety of ways to meet customer needs, there are a variety of ways to get at fuel economy and emissions. And, I want to be clear on this: that's the main driver for General Motors - we want to stay ahead of the game to bring our best technological solutions to market for our customers. We believe - as always - they will decide which technologies best meet their needs," explained Clarke. This means that the automaker will be manufacturing a number of green vehicles which may be equipped with auto parts as reliable as .

As for the third goal, Clarke said that they are working on different technology so that they would be able to provide consumers with what they want.