Volkswagen Takes the Stars to the Red Carpet

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Driving the stars and celebrities from their hotels to the red carpet can be two things: tiring or exciting. It could be tiring for you if you just are not up to the task. It could be exciting on the other hand if you simply love the idea that you have been able to be with this star at least for a few minutes. Now that would be for ordinary folks.

However, for car makers like Volkswagen, having their vehicles used as the main transportation for the stars to the red carpet would be a really good deal. You get to transport the stars, you get to show to the rich and famous just what features you have to offer, you get to be right in the spotlight, and you get to advertise your brand and your vehicles all at the same time.

Volkswagen is surely smiling with a huge grin on its face for it would be transporting the stars and celebrities to the Berlin International Film Festival's red carpet entrance. This event would be happening from the 7th of February right up until the 17th. The car brand has been doing this task for six years already and it seems like it has already become a favorite.

As part of the whole event, Volkswagen along with the organizers of the Berlin International Film Festival would be welcoming all of the attendees and stars and guests. They would all be meeting at the Volkswagen Golden Bear Lounge which is known as a popular spot for people in the movie industry and this is situated in Hotel Grand Hyatt. The Volkswagen Golden Bear Lounge allows all people inside to see just what is happening at the Film Festival. They would also be able to see all Volkswagen transportation units roll right to the red carpet with gleaming .

The head of Volkswagen's Public Relations department Heike Lichte stated, "Against the dramatic backdrop of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building, Seal and Die Fantastischen Vier will be appearing live to really make this party something special. You can't get more Berlin than that." Now that would be what is happening at the second night of the festival which is known as the Volkswagen People's Night.