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by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Stereo Nation MP3 is born. Taz is an Asian born in Britain and was raised in Warwickshire UK. When his debut album, "Hit the Deck", was released a recording artist was how he was established. With this album, he stayed at the number 1 position on the UK Asian pop charts for almost thirty six weeks. Of all the Asian fusion releases, this album has been one of the greatest and most famous of all times.

It was at the turn of the millennium that Taz started his own band called the "Stereo Nation". This band set forth a new avenue in the musical territory and experimented with RNB, Soul, Dance & Bollywood.

Stereo Nation was then signing to EMI Premier UK. Their first hit on the British chart, "I've Been Waiting" came as a result of this with the track becoming very popular in Asia as well. One of the tracks, "The Box" was rated among the top ten videos on the UK music channel. This album, "I've Been Waiting" brought a lot of popularity to Taz making Stereo Nation well known throughout the world.

Throughout 1998, the ten members band toured all over Europe, India, the Far East, Australia, UAE, Africa, USA, South East Asia and Canada. Stereo Nation was well established by then and signed a recording deal with Times Music India. This brought about the release of the album, "Jambo" throughout the world. This album was a smashing hit with great review and sales all over the world, especially in the Asian subcontinent.

Stereo Nation's second album called "Slave II Fusion" was released in December 2000. Approximately 120,000 units of this album were sold in the U.K/U.S.A regions. In India, 1,400,000 units were sold. After the success of this album, Stereo Nation was approached by the Bollywood Film Industry to record and visualize a track for the film, Tum Bin. In the year 2001, this film was one of the biggest hits and achieved the Top Ten position in the U.K mainstream film cinemas. It was also one of Bollywood's biggest films in that year. This track in Tum Bin brought fame to Taz who then received a number of offers for recording of soundtracks in the Indian Film Industry. With all this and much more, Stereo Nation and its founder Taz gained a lot of popularity. The smashing hit, "Carolina" is one of the all time favourites.

All of the tracks released by Stereo Nation have come out to in the MP3 format. The MP3 format makes use of an algorithm that is lossy compressed. It is designed in this way to reduce greatly the amount of data needed to portray the audio recording, and still continue to sound like a genuine reproduction of the original audio that is uncompressed. MP3 is a format that is specific to the audio. When it is compressed, certain parts of sound are removed which are outside the range that most people can hear.

Stereo Nation MP3s are now widely available and can be downloaded from the internet.
Stereo Nation MP3 - tune 'em up load :)