Understanding the Concepts of Car Gas Mileage Ratings

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Before we consider the ratings, we must understand what it is Car Gas Mileage Rating and also its criteria. So mainly on what criteria it is decided that the ratings of Car mileage are good or average or even bad. The ratings are based mainly on the feed back of the users and also observation of the vehicles combined with the statistics. So the ratings are not based in popularity but mainly the performance. The data which is offered are not rigid but are very flexible and always changing. So do not depend on the information remember it is quite fluctuating.

Let us consider the models of various and different cars on the basis of mileage.

The following are the latest car models that can be taken into consideration in order to understand the concepts of car gas mileage ratings.

Honda civic Coupe:
This is the latest model. It is a two door five seating family car. The horse power is about One Hundred and forty HP. Fuel capacity is about 13.20 gallons. Fuel type which can be used is unleaded type.

Engine type: The engine of Honda civic coupe 2008 is a sixteen-valve 1.8-liter MPFI engine. This enables this car to have an astounding mileage of approximately 36 miles on highway per gallon and 25 miles per gallon in the cities and towns.

The other models of Honda that are available in this series are

Honda Civic coupe DX5-Spd MT:
This is a good model having four cylinders, SOHC, 1.8 Liter engine which is similar to the model which is mentioned above but it differs in a single aspect with respect to mileage. Mileage of this car is approximately thirty-four kilometers on highway and 26 kilometers in towns or cities. Horse power is similar but there is a small difference in the mileage of the vehicle per gallon. Fuel type is unleaded. It has five speed gears.

Now let us consider the models of different companies like
Toyota, such as the Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius:
Toyota is a company that is as Eco friendly as Honda. It is a part of their policy. Prius is also a latest model on the block. The engine of Toyota is four Cylinders, DOHC and one point five liter engine. Horse power of Toyota Prius is nearby 110 HP. Fuel capacity is 11.90 gallons. Importantly the average of Toyota Prius is approximately forty five miles per gallon in the city and forty five miles on highway.

MINI Cooper:
This model has an engine that consists of four cylinders that uses nearly 1.6 liters of gas. The horse power of this engine is around one hundred and eighteen Horse power respectively. The mileage of MINI Cooper is approximately around thirty two or 32 miles per gallon in City and around Forty miles per gallon on high way.

These are the gas mileage ratings of the various car models of various companies that are very useful information for buying a particular model of car.