Stop Auto Theft in 5 Best Ways

by : Mark Robinson

Do you know that there are over 1 million cars and trucks that are stolen every year? This means that you have a 100 percent chance of becoming a victim of auto theft.

It's very hard for an owner to have his car stolen for variety of reasons. First, he doesn't have any means of transportation. Second, he's still going to pay for it, whether he likes it or not. Third, there's the trauma that it could possibly happen to him again. But is there any way to lessen the tendency? Yes, there are.

Here are the best 5 ways on how to prevent auto theft from happening:

1. Make sure your car is equipped with security devices. There are numerous people who are apprehensive in purchasing cars with extra features because they make the price go higher. However, if these are things that will add more security to your car, then definitely, it's going to be worth your penny. One is the autolocking system, which will instantly lock your car once you close it. Others include lock for your steering wheel, glass sensors, fuel-kill switches, and immobilizers. There are also some that are very sensitive to touch and will produce sound. Surely, this will be more than enough to drive the thieves away and alert other people around. You can also do further research about these features online or you can ask your car manufacturer.

2. Lock the car door. This is very basic. At these times, there's no room to be complacent, even if you're parking your car with a parking guard in sight. It also implies that you shouldn't be leaving the keys inside your car or even your ignition running. Bring the keys with you and don't allow simply anyone to borrow your car keys and, most of all, your car.

3. Look for a bright place where you can park your car. Thieves can still feel threatened if they would think of stealing cars in broad daylight or in a well-lit place. There's always the huge possibility that someone will be able to see their faces and identify them. If you are in a neighborhood or in an office where there are less lights than expected, especially at night, don't be afraid to make a suggestion. This will not only be for your own protection but for other car owners as well.

4. Write the VIN, or vehicle identification number, in the most conspicuous places. If, unfortunately, someone can get hold of your car without your permission, at least nobody gets to use it, not even the thieves. The VIN will prevent them from selling your car in the black market, as it means that it has already been registered and somebody is already owning it.

5. Purchase a low-profile car. There are actually a list of cars that are so prone of getting stolen these days. You can check out the list or even download the file so you will be able to take note of those models that you shouldn't be getting. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid your car from being stolen, go for cars that don't really appeal to thieves.