See Clear and Keep Safe With a Windshield Washer Pump

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The most favorable visibility-that's what every driver wants in a car. A huge part of ensuring car safety comes from knowing that the windshield and every other part that contributes to the windshield's proper and optimum performance are working well.

The windshield is a front window made of laminated safety glass that stretches across front of the body of the car from the driver's side to the passenger's side. It protects the interior of a vehicle and its passengers from being exposed to elements in nature such as bugs, dirt, road grime as well as to temperature extremes--sun, snow, sleet and rain. It is the car's first line of defense in terms of keeping everything within the passenger cabin clean and dry. Being the first line of defense, it also bears most of the brunt of everyday road travel. Thankfully, windshields are installed with a cleaning mechanism that keeps the auto part free from dirt and road grime. The most visible part of this cleaning system is the windshield wiper. Windshield wipers have elongated wiper blades that look like squeegees which clean the whole span of the windshield. Wiper blades are usually thin rubber strips located in the arms of a windshield wiper which function to clear the windshield view. But perhaps the most essential part of what we call as the windshield cleaning system is the washer pump. supply windshield cleaning fluid to the windshield wipers.

Washer pumps are short, tubular mechanisms that are equipped with a "spraying systems nozzle" which sprays out the cleaning liquid to the windshield. Ideally, washer pumps should deliver 38 psi output of water pressure at a flow rate of 250ml per minute. Setting the water pressure to this level makes sure that the whole perimeter of a car's windshield is sprayed with ample cleaning fluid. Of course, while windshield washer pumps are crafted with premium materials and are meant to be worth every penny, these auto parts are still subject to wear and tear. Thus, replacing them regularly should become a habit for conscientious car owners.