Buy yourself a Great Car From a Police Repo Auction

by : Rick Williamson

Police repo auctions can be a place to get some real deals if you know what to look for. Buying at a car auction you don't have some salesman bugging you to by this car. Also you will get that same car for a lot less money. Like in everything there are some things to watch out for. A used car has been used by someone else so use common sense when looking to buy a car. I make it my motto to research before I even set foot on the auction lot. Know what kind of vehicle you are looking for. What model and so forth. Make a short list of the kinds of car you want .The car you really desire may not be there.Then you may have to pick another type.

When you do find the car your looking for that is on the auction block, now is the time to check it out. Most auto auctions give you the chance to look it over, kick the tires and pop the hood .You'll want to start the vehicle, check the type of smoke pouring out the back end. Look for rust and dents.Take it for a little run around the lot. Just remember if it's not running how it should be there are other cars or auctions.

Now you have found the right car. The time to bid is here. Most cars have a reserve bid on them (some can sell unreserved). The reserve bid is the minimum that this car will sell at. Bidding will start below this number to get the bidders warmed up. Most auto auction companies will let the bidders know when the reserve bid has been met. This is where you have the chance to get a good used car for a bargain price. Bidding in auto auctions can also be done online. If you want to bid in an online auto auction, make very sure you have checked the car out first.

Whether online or live, make sure that you set yourself a budget and stick to it. Auto auctions are very fast moving. Don't get carried away with the excitement. Many people can get carried away with auction fever and bid to high for a car. You may want to go to a couple auctions first just to observe. Used car dealers often go to auto auctions to find the cars for their lots, so if you bid against them and win, you have probably saved yourself a lot of the money that they would have made on the car if they would have sold you the car from their lot.