Drink + Drive = Increased Car Insurance

by : Andy Adams

With the Christmas period just behind us adverts discouraging people from drinking and driving were very visible across all media form TV to radio and newspapers. This was mainly because Christmas time unfortunately isn't just a time of mistletoe and wine, it's the specific time of year that people are likely to drive after having an alcoholic drink with friends and family.

Apart from the obvious and very serious life threatening risks of this practice there is also the certainty that if you are caught by the police you'll lose your license and possibly end up in jail in severe cases. But the woes don't stop there; people with driving convictions as serious as this can expect a nasty surprise when they get back on the road: Insanely high car insurance premiums.

If you apply for car insurance with a conviction of drink driving or driving without insurance you are removing all doubt in the insurer's mind of how safe a driver you are, quite simply you aren't and they are not going to take any risk with you. Premiums of convicted drivers are normally ?1,000 higher than good law abiding folk.

The car insurance industry runs itself on assessing the risk of covering each individual driver; they take all sorts of factors into consideration when determining the amount you'll pay for car insurance such as the car you're driving, how old you are, whether you've had any accidents in the past.

Obviously one way to increase your risk (and your premiums) is getting points or convictions on your license, even 3 points for speeding or running a red light can stick some unnecessary pounds onto your premium. Suffice to say if you are reckless and dangerous then you can kiss cheap car insurance goodbye!