What Can Your Peugeot Dealership Offer You?

by : Shaun Parker

The Peugeot range is vast and provides cars to suit all needs, from small town cars to luxurious saloons. Before visiting your Peugeot dealership it is essential to get a good idea of what you want from a car to make the selection process easier. Depending on what you are going to use your car for, Peugeot can provide solutions for all transportation requirements.

The Peugeot 107 and 206 ranges are at the smaller end of the market. Your local dealership will possess a variety of models from the basic through to sportier vehicles. They come in both petrol and diesel engines and make ideal city cars. Easy to park, they make perfect cars for first time car owners while the stunning styling will ensure they carry enough credibility for younger drivers.

No doubt your local Peugeot dealership will possess the new 308; this intermediate vehicle represents a happy compromise between small car and saloon. Ideal for families and young drivers alike its sumptuous styling is a perfect example of contemporary design. With clever space saving ideas and dual-zone climate control functions, comfort has been a priority throughout its design. With a huge roof window the cab is light and airy; be sure to ask at the dealership for the electric sliding curtain that comes as an optional extra.

The middle of the saloon range is occupied by the 407 model. With flowing curves its styling illustrates the French penchant for looking good perfectly. It is likely your Peugeot dealership will have the saloon, coupe and estate models in their range giving unrivalled choice to fulfil your driving needs.

The technology inside is designed to make your life easier; the windscreen wipers and lights are automatic while parking sensors make those tight gaps easy to get into. The tailor made stereo system utilises 8 speakers and includes a subwoofer in the boot; perfect for all your acoustic requirements.

The luxury end of the Peugeot range is where the 607 can be found; here, your Peugeot dealership offers a car that is as elegant as it is practical. The self darkening side mirrors and digital climate control combine safety and practicality. Its full leather interior provides comfort while the cruise control gives an effortless driving experience. The epitome of French finesse this car carries an air of majesty as it eats up the road with its six speed automatic gear box.

For larger families the 807 is the perfect choice. With electric sliding doors, innovative storage solutions and seven seats, it makes the ideal family car. The seating configuration can be changed in an instant from seven seats to cargo carrier; it is a simple operation and requires no tools. Ask your Peugeot dealership about the optional screens that fold down from the roof allowing passengers to watch DVDs or play computer games.

This is the perfect solution to keep the little terrors entertained while you use the satellite navigation system to find your way. The car's five star Euro NCAP rating makes it one of the safest cars on the road; surely a paramount concern for any parents.

No matter what you are looking in a car your Peugeot dealership will help you find a vehicle that suits you down to the ground. Be it a small car for zipping around town, a luxury 607 for touring in comfort or an 807 for ferrying the family from place to place, Peugeot cars offer a model for every purpose.