There is Nothing More Satisfying Than to Drive in Cool Cars

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Image is one aspect of our lives that influences how we live. This image also extends to the cars we drive. For the image conscious there is nothing more satisfying than to drive in a cool car. These cool cars range from the sporty coupe to the classic Porsches. These cars are also designed each year to showcase some interesting aspect that the car designers have given to their creations.

You will find some of these changes to the cool cars apparent at the car exhibitions and fairs that are held each year. The Monaco car maker Venturi has produced an electric coupe. This car is called the Fetish and it is due to appear on the market soon.

This cool new car is to be sold at the interesting price of $660,000 per car. There will also be a limited amount of these cool cars sold to the public. Another new car which will appeal to car lovers is that of the Koenigsegg CCR. This Swedish made car holds the Guinness World Record for speed.

The cool cars of this breed are able to travel at speeds of 245mph and the price of the car is also very impressive. Selling at $722,534 the Koenigsegg CCR has a 1,001horsepower engine. Now this is a car to be driven be the speed demon in your family though the fuel bill may dismay them.

Now the cool cars won't be complete without the addition of the Lotus Elise. This sport scar is one that many speed lovers will love to own. The lotus is known to be a roadster. While there are many other cool cars of this genre the Lotus Elsie has a superior advantage. The advantage lies in the lightweight construction. The body of the car is made from hand finished fiber glass. This body shell is found on top of the aluminum extrusion and bonded frame.

These factors allow cool cars of this caliber to corner, brake, accelerate very impressively. The fuel consumption of this car is not that high. This makes this a fuel affordable car. While there are many other cool cars that you can think about buying you should look at the ones like the Lotus Elise, the Fetish and even the Koenigsegg CCR. These cars combine superior manufacturing with high performance values.

As a result of this you will find that traveling in cool cars allows you to show off your individuality. The great performance you will find from these cool cars can make buying one of them a fantastic deal.