Rent-a-car Services

by : Robert Baird

Cars or automobiles are one of the most prevalent means of commuting from one place to another. The ownership of cars makes it easy for individuals to commute easily according to one's own preference and not depend on public vehicles. However, it is interesting to note, that in recent times, rent-a-car service or car rentals have become lucrative business ventures with many car rental companies mushrooming in different corners of the metropolis. Car rentals are offered by various agencies against a fee for certain hours of the day or for certain days of the week, this system is mostly useful for tourists who are visiting foreign lands and a car hire provides them a driver who can serve as a guide as well and it can allow them free movement in the alien land where they are unaware of locations. It is also extremely helpful for individuals who require a vehicle for commuting daily in the absence of his or her vehicle. Since the main purpose of these car rental agencies are to acquire tourists, these car rentals are available in localized forms closer to airports or landmarks in the city to attract more customers. However, it must be remembered that not only smaller vehicles, but even heavy goods vehicles like trucks are also supplied by the car rental agencies for service.

The car rentals are carried out in exchange of a stipulated amount to be paid as fees. This price is determined by various factors like fuel prices, distance covered and also by the brand of car rented out. The more expensive and famous the brand name, the more will be the rental. The maximum distance that is to be covered while the car is let out on rent is usually pre-determined and one must be careful of not overcoming that limit as in such cases an additional fee is liable to be levied on the consumer. Moreover, in case of any damage caused to the vehicle while it is rented out will also require the client to pay for the damage. Most of the car rental companies have set age limits for their drivers which is usually 25 and with the aid of the GPS or the global positioning system, the agencies are able to restrict the maximum speed limits of the vehicle. Most car companies have their own fleet of rentals cars while some broker agencies may have tie-ups with these companies to provide cars for hiring purposes.