Think you Cant Afford a Mercedes? Think Again!

by : Paul Simari

Tina had been dropping hints to Brian about what she wanted for Christmas. Every time they watched TV together, and a commercial for the new Mercedes 300-D model came on, her eyes would light up. "That's exactly the kind of car I want for my next vehicle", Tina would say, and then look over at Brian with a little innocent look on her face.

Tina definitely needed a new car; the one she had now was breaking down. Brian wanted to make her happy, but he wasn't sure he could afford it. Yes, he was getting a decent Christmas bonus at work, but they had set that aside for a family vacation in the spring. Plus, the Mercedes 300-D ran on diesel fuel, which was over $3.30 a gallon. And that price was continuing to go up, with no end in sight! So the next time they saw that TV commercial together, Brian issued Tina a challenge. "Listen honey, I know you want that car for Christmas", Brian said. "But the reality is, we can't afford it right now. If you can find a way that we can work it into our budget, I will buy it for you."

That night, Tina went online and did a search for "saving money on diesel gas". She found the following Web Site: She read about how she can make her own diesel fuel at home for $.46 cents to the gallon, using a technique that is already being used in Germany, but is new to the United States. Tina got excited, but was still skeptical. "How can you possibly make your own diesel fuel at home, using mostly vegetable oil?" she asked herself.

Since Mercedes is a German company as well, she called the local dealership the next day and asked the representative about diesel secret energy. The Mercedes agent confirmed that in fact this technique is being used across Europe, and can be used to power Mercedes vehicles that run on diesel fuel. Another benefit of making diesel fuel at home, the agent told her, was that they would save on drain oil system waste and heater oil omni waste as well!

Tina had all the proof she needed. She approached Brian and told her that she found a way they can afford the Mercedes for Christmas after all! She showed him the Web Site, and told him about her phone conversation with Mercedes. After considering all the evidence, Brian had to admit that Tina won the challenge, and they headed off to the dealership to get Tina her new 300-D!