Tales From The Road: Tractor Trailer Accidents

by : Nick Johnson

Whether you pick up a newspaper or watch the news on television, you can always find some story of a tractor trailer accident that happened. These types of accidents are a regular occurrence on the news, because these horror stories happen all the time. Luckily, there are some stories that do not result in any loss of life. Here are some interesting stories of tractor trailer accidents that are beyond belief.

In New York City, a baby girl and her grandmother were nearly crushed to death in a tractor trailer accident. The 61-year-old grandmother along with her 1-year-old grand daughter came face to face with a tractor trailer, when it fell from an elevated highway and smashed down right in front of their car. The grandmother recalled that she instinctively came to a screeching halt when she heard a loud sound above her. Having come to a halt, the rig dived into the four-lane road ahead of her car. If the driver of the car had kept moving, the truck would have landed right on top of the car.

25 million honeybees were inadvertently released after a tractor trailer accident occurred on a highway in Missouri. The accident happened when a tractor trailer carrying more than 500 beehives, which carry thousands of bees each, flipped on its side. The cargo had spilled all over the highway, forcing crews to shut down that area until all the bees could be cleared. An Iowa farmer, who owns the bees, said the bees were being taken to Wisconsin to help pollinate cranberry bogs.

North Carolina authorities had their hands full, when a tractor trailer carrying about 6,600 pounds of low-grade powdered uranium overturned. A husband and his wife were driving the rig, traveling from Virginia to the Global Nuclear Facility. The tractor trailer accident occurred when the driver lost control of the vehicle and overturned near the interstate 40/95 interchange. Luckily the threat level was low due to the uranium being packed securely in steel and the packaging had not been breached. Crews carefully loaded the containers into a different truck and both people in the tractor trailer accident suffered only minor injuries.

These are just a few of the many tractor trailer accident stories that make the news every day. According to statistics, the highways and interstates of the United States witness over 500,000 truck accidents each year. Thousands of new trucks will be added to the road each year, due to the high demand of big business that the trucking industry has become. Down the road, you can bet that there will be more stories of tractor trailer accidents that involve near death experiences or sometimes just some unbelievable tales from the road.