How to Build Your Party Plan Business Online

by : Jeanine Byers

Are you like me?

You’ve joined a party plan business but you’d really like to build it online? If you’d rather concentrate most of your efforts on the Internet, there are a lot of resources available and strategies that will help you succeed.

Here are some ways to automate meeting your monthly minimum purchase requirements, finding partners to join you in the business and attracting customers to your website…

(1) Use online parties to build your business--this is a great way to invite people from all over the country. Here are a few tips for a successful online party…

Set a date and invite your guests, but leave enough time to send each one a catalog and a couple of email reminders.

Plan some games that they can do online by exploring the corporate website or your own personalized one. Customers can race each other to find out whether or not you have a cucumber melon shower gel or how many different gourmet soups you offer. You can even offer a prize to the person who answers the most questions right.

Here is a website that offers free online parties…

(2) Join groups or clubs to take care of monthly minimums. These are groups where consultants agree to buy from each other to help each other build their businesses.

Some switch months and everyone buys from the “consultant of the month", and some are designed so that each person has her own group of people buying from her each month.

Here is one example…

(3) Join coops or leads groups to build your team online--networking groups can work really well offline and now, this same principle is being used online.

These coops are created so that when someone comes into the system, she indicates what she is looking for and gets referred to the appropriate person in the coop.

For more information on referral coops, go to

(4) Generate curiosity and provide information to bring more people to your website. One great way to attract people to your website is to create online quizzes that makes them curious about the results. You capture their email addresses, send them the results and make recommendations based on them.

For example, if you sell skin care and cosmetics, you could create a quiz that helps them identify what their skin type is. Then, you can recommend the appropriate skin care system. You can even offer a free consultation, in case they have any questions.

If you’re interested in quiz-making software that is reasonably priced, try the Assessment Generator, at

Another good way to get your name out there and bring people to your website is to write articles. You can make them related to your business, or not.

Similar subjects that support using your products may help, but you’ll be putting contact information at the end of whatever you write, and as long as they like it, and find it helpful, they’ll want to know more about you and what you do.

Here are a couple of websites that accept article submissions (find more by doing a search on Yahoo or Google)…