Questions You Should Ask About A Limousine Driver

by : Dror Klar

Hiring a limousine for any special event is always a wonderful idea. But the vehicle itself is only a part of the experience. The driver can make it either magical or a nightmare.

Before you hire a limousine there are several things you will want to know about the chauffer. The answers to your questions and the company's willingness to answer them should weigh heavily in your decision to use their services.

One of the first questions you will want to ask concerns the type of training the drivers receive prior to their employment. When one considers the weight and size of a limousine it will take special training and skills to maneuver and handle it safely. Ask what type of driver's licenses are held by the company's drivers.

Next you will want to inquire about the number of years the driver has driving a limousine. A reasonably short period of time is not necessarily a bad thing, but this will lead to the next question. This addresses the driving records of the company's drivers. One would not imagine that a limousine service would hire anyone with a bad driving record, but it is better to ask than to be sorry later that you didn't.

As with most businesses today the limousine company would be prudent to have a complete background check run on a potential employee before hiring them. Again, ask them about this. You may be carrying expensive items with you and will need the assurance that the person that you are trusting to transport them is worthy of the trust that you are giving them.

Also ask about the company's policy regarding drug screening and random drug tests for their drivers. If the company does not conduct routine drug tests you may want to reconsider hiring them. You would not endanger yourself and others by driving under the influence of any type of drug and you do not want to ride with anyone who does.

Another important issue that should be mentioned is about insurance. You should know how much liability insurance the company carries for personal injury. Some insurance companies cover passengers, but not their belongings such as luggage with clothing, video and computer equipment. This is something that you will definitely want to know.

If at all possible you should meet the chauffer before hand. He/she should be open to any of your questions or concerns. A professional attitude should be tempered with friendliness without being too familiar. Your chauffer should be neat, clean and well groomed and manicured. The first impression is always the most important.