The Limo - From Workhorse To Luxury

by : Dror Klar

The limousine was originally constructed to transport big band orchestras and all of their equipment as they moved from city to city to play their gigs.

From such humble beginnings the limousine has became the symbol of power, wealth, and status. There is something that compels the eye to gaze upon the long, sleek lines, the dark tinted windows, and wonder who is inside.

Presidents and others in high political offices, oil tycoons, movie and music stars, corporate VIPs and the very famous or wealthy use the limousine on a regular basis. However, what was once considered a privilege of the elite has now become the preferred mode of transportation used to accentuate a special occasion for the average person.

What could be more elegant than the arrival of a bride in a limousine, complete with the smartly attired chauffer? This means of transportation has also become in great demand for high school proms. Parents often pay the fee and consider it a wise investment in their child's safety.

The limo is used for bachelor and bachelorette parties and other such occasions where alcohol is expected to be consumed in large quantities. Large corporations use a limousine to whisk their executives and clients to and from airports and business meetings.

Many hotels have a limo meet their new arrivals at the airport and take them back once their visit is complete. Some wine regions use the limousine to escort visitors on day trips of wine tasting and tours of the vineyards. Other times the limo is used as safe transportation for a night of clubbing and barhopping. Elite spas carry their clients to and from destinations anonymously.

This versatile automobile is utilized for holiday parties, graduations and even funerals. One couple had waited more than seven years for the arrival of their first child. Upon his release from the hospital the father surprised his wife with a limo to take their precious package home.

The utilitarian vehicle of the past has become a dazzling show piece. Containing everything from a wet bar complete with a workable sink to a Jacuzzi, all of the latest technology such as DVD players, flat screen televisions, state of the art sound systems, gaming devices, telephones, fax machines and internet service, useable dance floors, disco balls, neon mood lighting, this automobile has come a very long way from its beginnings.

Considering the use of the limousine today it is perhaps still a workhorse, but what a beautiful workhorse it is!