Why You Should Keep Honda Hybrids At The Top Of Your List

by : Gregg Hall

Hybrid cars are continuing to increase their market share when looking at the total number of cars bought every year. This is due primarily to gas prices, greenhouse gases, and a concern over what you can do to make a difference. As more and more of the world becomes industrialized, there is a greater and greater demand for gas. The increase in the demand for gas has not been met by as great an increase in the supply of gas. This has caused gas prices to go up significantly and you are probably paying for it at the pump. Greenhouse gases have increased significantly and are due primarily to developed countries. People want to see what they can do to help and buying a hybrid car helps fit all three of these demands.

This article will focus upon Honda and the Civic hybrid which it has brought to the table. Honda has always been known for its great gas mileage but it has set a higher standard with its lineup of hybrid cars. The Civic hybrid is one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars around. The fuel savings you will receive on this car versus a regular Civic will more than make up for the increase in price. The Civic has such strong technology in it that it received the Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle rating. This means that when you are driving, you're not adding any air pollutants to the environment by being on the road. Few cars can make such a claim. Many people have been concerned about the reliability of a hybrid car so Honda has an eight year or 80,000 mile warranty on the battery pack on the car. Few hybrid car manufacturers have such a warranty in place to promote peace of mind among buyers. Honda did not put all their eggs in one basket either and has developed an Accord hybrid as well.

For those of you who want more creature comforts within your vehicle, the Honda Accord hybrid is the vehicle you should look into. You receive a V-6 engine with 253 hp while still having much of the same fuel savings available to the Civic hybrid. It also has an advanced electric motor and battery.

When you are looking at different car manufacturers in which hybrid car to buy, keep Honda near the top the list. They have been producing hybrid cars for many years on are on the leading edge in terms of the technology which they use. Honda has always been a strong company in developing vehicles people want to drive and the hybrid cars which they have developed follow the same trend.