Jay Leno Receives the Keys to Drive Bmw Hydrogen 7

by : Evander Klum

BMW has Jay Leno as the latest person to receive the keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 - the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan in the world.

Jay Leno, an Emmy-winning comedian and host of The Tonight Show received his BMW Hydrogen 7 at his own garage in Burbank, California, according to a source.

Leno said, "As an avid car enthusiast I'm always interested in the future of automotive technology. With the BMW Hydrogen 7 I can experience all the fun and great features of a performance car, yet know that I'm being environmentally friendly at the same time! I look forward to driving the Hydrogen 7 and learning more about hydrogen as a fuel for our future," acknowledging the benefits provided by the luxury sedan.

Leno's garage is actually a "green garage" that is supplied with energy from steam power. Giant steam and natural gas engines from the 19th century are used. Both offer efficient reduction on energy needs. That makes the garage a self-sufficient power station. Leno imposed that a garage stuffed with old cars has no reason not to be environmentally responsible, "even if it means having to go back more than a century for the technology".

Adding the BMW Hydrogen 7 to his collection of cars has been part of Leno's dedication in improving his garage which is now almost 20,000 sq. ft. in measurement. He loaded it with the latest environmentally friendly shop equipments and products, which might have been included premium auto parts such as BMW 330 parts. His collaboration with expert consultants brought him to make use of alternative energy systems in the garage. They all came up with the analysis that such source would give way for energy efficiency.

The best thing about the BMW Hydrogen 7 is that it is an absolute environmentally friendly machine, producing only water vapor as discharge. Such is a great step in promoting CO2 emission reduction, essentially demanded by a world market that is becoming more and more aware of its impact to the environment.

The Hydrogen 7 is now held as a production model vehicle after successfully completing the Product Development Process, which perfected the concept behind the technology.

Hydrogen 7 Pioneers Program compelled BMW to give out Hydrogen 7 in several prominent leaders and figures in the business, entertainment and political industry. This has been along BMW's belief that the hydrogen will be replacing petroleum as "long-term alternative to fossil fuel". Hopes have been placed that the model car will be a pioneer in upbringing hydrogen technologies for future mobilization.

A source enlisted several more prominent individuals that have been chosen to be part of the hydrogen pioneering. Included were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the "Ocean's 13" premiere in Hollywood; Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori at the FOX All-Star Party in Santa Monica; Richard Gere and Sharon Stone at the Cinema for Peace Gala in Berlin; and "An Inconvenient Truth" producer Davis Guggenheim (Oscar(R) for the best Documentary Feature) and Best Foreign Language Film Oscar(R) winner, director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck at the 2007 Academy Awards; among others. The vehicle has also made an impact oversees, with luminaries such as Michael Glos, German Federal Minister for Economy and Technology, and Gunter Verheugen, Vice President of the European Commission, world renowned soprano Anna Netrebko and a lot more others.