The Honda Accord: a Bolder Style for 2008

by : Evander Klum

Hungry for the top spot, Honda Accord comes decked as a more striking stylish car for 2008. It has come a long way from being 2,020-pound, 162.8-inch-long compact hatchback energized by a 68 horsepower 1.6 L engine when it was born in 1976.

Now the Honda Accord has stepped forward into the large car segment -- turning into a more spacious vehicle with 120 cubic feet interior volume. After selling 725,000 units after its debut, the Honda Accord now joins older rival models, Ford Crown Victoria and Buick Lucerne in the segment.

Honda has given Accord a variety of engine options. It has been far beyond holding into their slogan which once was "We make it simple." These days, it unfolds a more stunning design, catching all eyes in the industry.

More than being contained with premium >Honda oxygen sensor, 2008 Accord is armed with a 2.4 L, four-cylinder, 180 horsepower producing engine.

Furthermore, Honda turned the Accord into slick vehicle innovated with variable cylinder management technology. Such technology allows the engine to save fuel through running on three, four or six cylinders, which depends upon varying conditions. This has been a great change of the earlier version of VCM that only shifted between three and six cylinders. The said technology shall not be provided for the sporty V6 two-door coupe model with six-speed manual transmission. But, the big thing remains; the latest design will admit cylinder deactivation in a wider range of driving state. Such boost better gas mileage.

The better look is part of putting in the European pedestrian standards. Such standard is for reducing the impact of road collision to human bodies. It is now a requirement in the community for their goal to minimize pedestrian fatalities. They have raised the hoods to provide extra space above the engine, which basically serves as cushion to a victim's head. It protects the head from hitting the engine.

To stuff-in a concept that will make the new model sleek and racy, Honda stylists opted to enhance the front with blunt grille. That is as Chief engineer Chitoshi Yokota put up their goal to elicit strength and power on the Accord's looks, providing the feeling of safety and security among customers.

The interior attained a more impressive style. It has exclusive use of hard plastics, that, in addition to softer materials in the interior that has been provided.

The 2008 Accord comes available with four- and six-cylinder variety with manual and automatic transmissions that are seemingly quiet and generates efficient power. As a source say, five-speed automatic transmissions are made available for all engine choices. Five-speed manual is set for four-cylinder engine. V6 sedans will not have manual transmission. And, only six-speed manual transmission shall be available for the coupe's top-of-the-line EX-L trim level.

All that being said, Accord is now no longer out shadowed by its rivals, Altima and Camry, in terms of style.

Not until the end of September that we would be able to see the sedan in the market and the coupe by October. Expected price for sedan stands at $25,000 to $38,000 and $27,000 to $39,000 for the coupe.