Volvo S80 Tops Iihs Crash Test

by : Evander Klum

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recognized the safety features of Volvo's S80 luxury sedan. The vehicle earned top ratings from IIHS's front, rear, and side impact protection. This also allows the Volvo S80 to earn the 2007 "Top Safety Pick" award in the luxury sedan segment. The Volvo S80 joined the Kia Amanti and Acura RL in the top performers list during the test.

According to Anne Belec, President and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, "Volvo safety has been over 80 years in the making. Our cars are born from a culture that believes in protecting those in and around everything we make. Safety is a matter of cultural pride. Safety is not added on; it comes with the first kernel of thought when designing a new Volvo."

"These changes are attributable to two effects. There have been significant improvements in frontal crash protection - standard airbags, improved structural designs, and increased use of safety belts, for example. At the same time, growing sales of SUVs and pickups have exacerbated height mismatches among passenger vehicles, thereby increasing the risks to occupants of many vehicles struck in the side. The Amanti shows that you don't have to buy an expensive car to get good protection in crashes with SUVs and pickup trucks." said IIHS President Adrian Lund.

IIHS evaluates the side impact protection based on the vehicle's performance in a crash test, that includes striking the vehicle with a barrier moving at 31 mph. Ratings are calculated based on the injuries inflicted on two instrumented SID-IIs dummies. The Volvo S80 performed well in the crash test with only minor intrusions and injuries to the dummies.

The Volvo S80 luxury sedan was able to earn the 2007 "Top Safety Pick" award because of the vehicle's host of passive and active safety equipments. These include the protective exterior safety that absorbs the incoming impact reducing injuries and damage to the vehicle.

The Volvo S80 also comes with a new type of side-impact airbag called the SIPS (Side Impact Protection System). According to Volvo, this type of airbag system "feature two separate inflation chambers - one at hip height and one at chest height". In addition, SIPS interact with the inflatable curtains (IC) and the body's network of beams to reduce the occupants' acceleration loads.

Another new Volvo safety system is the WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System). This system is one of most in demand safety feature in the market. WHIPS allows the front seat backrest and head restraint to move together in case of rear impact occurs.

Other safety features of the Volvo S80 include three-piece steering column designed to pivot up and collapse away from the driver; five seats equipped with three-point inertia-reel safety belts, belt pre-tensioners, and head restraints; Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC); Collision Warning with Brake Support (CW); Blind Spot Identification System (BLIS); Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS); Active Bi-Xenon Light; and Personal Car Communicator (PCC).
The S80 really offers a bunch of safety features unlike GMC models with .