Bmw X6 Disguised

by : Hailey Kerr

For the first time, World Car Fans, an auto Website, has seen the BMW X6 off-road, coupe-like crossover barely disguised. The initial spy shots of the forthcoming BMW X6, a crossover SUV, were taken late in 2006 around BMW's Munich headquarters.

Meanwhile, The Car Connection, another auto Website, claims their spied photos are confirming BMW's official statement made at the last Geneva Motor Show.

The X6 has camouflage coming off as well as the sloping coupe-like roof line, as Bavarian carmaker is about to attempt extending the X5 model range with an additional 4x4 "coupe," which is based on the same platform.

In this circumstance, the word "coupe" does not mean a two-door, but, as in Mercedes CLS500 marketing jargon, a sporting model with coupe-like roofline, though it has four doors.
The Car Connection saw the first developed X6 doing laps at Germany's famous NÃ?rburgring. These early development mules have a wise modular frame that allows all weight and critical items to be put differently and in small steps, to find their optimum position for excellent riding, handling, steering, and convenient. Also, the mules give quick access to the suspension geometry, springs, dampers, and steering, which all can be varied and fine-tuned.

BMW's aggressive application of the four-door-coupe concept, which was first seen on the Mercedes CLS, to the SUV/Crossover genre made the vehicle's detail particularly more interesting. In the market now are many performance-targeted SUVs on offer. But the X6 is taking a distinctivr styling approach which appears to be the most emulous "form-over-function" SUV design effort seen so far in the history of the auto industry.

In the spy photos, the X6 roofline begins arching downward after the B-pillar and continues plunging right to the X6's rising waistline. The result is that the second-row headroom and rear cargo volume are both severely compromised. The new X6 will be longer and lower as compared to the new X5, but this crossover is expected to accommodate only four passengers. Nonetheless, what the sporty X6 loses in seating will be gained in performance. BMW fans need to wait until sometime next year as the X6 goes on sale.

The test mule has a non-production body that is made as simply as possible to shelter the mechanical parts. The spied car offers no indication of the final vehicle's styling or design.

This extension to the range is reported to be a sporty looking crossover with four passenger seats. It is equipped with front-mounted engines ranging from a V-8 with either 340 hp or 450 hp, to a V-10 with 612 hp.

By offering a high seating position and four-wheel drive, BMW would have no direct competitor, at least initially. But the Bavarian car maker only owns the throne until Porsche brings on the Panamera, a four-door coupe which is due 2009.

Like the current and the next X5, the new X6 will be made in South Carolina U.S.A and is scheduled for release in 2008.

The company also makes BMW 325ci parts.