Volvo Distributor Cap---charging Up your Ride

by : Kim Baker

Possessing a fairly integral role in the ignition system in a Volvo vehicle is the distributor, as its name speaks for itself---distributing high amount of voltage form the coil to the correct cylinder. Aside from that, it also breaks the current to the coil.

Beside having the rotating arm inside and the cam in the distributor shaft comprising the distributor unit, the Volvo Distributor Cap distributes electricity from the ignition coils to the spark plug wires at the right timing. This sub-component is manufactured out of tough plastic and small amount of copper. This Volvo Distributor Cap houses the distributor rotor which spins as it receives current from the ignition coils. This then passes on to the copper portion of the cap, which then goes through the spark plugs. The distributor cap has one post for each cylinder and in points of the ignition system, there is a central post for the coil voltage coming into the distributor.

With repetitive ignition and constant bombardment from high voltage, the is faced with a great deal of stress and heat. Hard starting, back firing, stalling and overall engine performance (in terms of starting and running) may arise. Carbon tracking forms in the Volvo Distributor Cap. This condition also causes misfires in the engine.

The best way to remedy such problem is to conduct regular check-ups to maintain its peak performance under critical conditions. Experts suggest replacing defective distributor caps every two years or every 15,000 miles of distance traveled. While older vehicle owners must be made more aware as their caps and rotors are more prone to wear out.

Having the cap and the rotor inspected during night time is more advisable as they can easily see the lights that they emit from the current. It is not advisable to touch them, though, electricity of up to 20,000 run through them.