Bmw Saubers Kubica No Regrets for Villeneuves Absence

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The Canadian Grand Prix is just around the corner and teams are already making preparations on their cars. The drivers, on the other hand, need to focus on getting to know and befriend the tracks and they are also focusing on how to be mentally tough in the face of certain issues when the engines start revving and the races start. BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica is one of the drivers who need mental toughness if he is to perform well at the Canadian Grand Prix.

It is known that Kubica and Canadian Formula One fans are not on the same page after Kubica took over the driving seat of Canadian Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve. The Polish driver took over the driving responsibilities of Villeneuve last year and can be considered as a rookie since this year marks the first full season that Kubica will be having in his Formula One career.

"I'm really happy that it happened," Kubica said regarding his feelings about taking Villeneuve's spot at the BMW Sauber team. "I won't cry because I took Jacques's seat. I think it's life and it happens sometimes," the first Polish Formula One driver said.

"I'm looking forward to (Montreal). It's one of my favorite tracks after driving there as a test driver last year. I felt quite good and comfortable on it during Friday free practice. I think our car can perform very well there because of the lower-downforce configuration of the track." It is ironic that he will be racing on a car that Villeneuve would have been driving this year at the circuit named after Jacques' father Gilles Villneuve - a well-respected Formula One driver who died during the practice session for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix.

Last year, Kubica took over the BMW Sauber car with BMW motor mounts and other BMW parts previously driven by Jacques Villeneuve. At the Hungarian Grand Prix last year, Villeneuve was declared medically unfit to drive after suffering injuries at the German Grand Prix. Villeneuve was reported to have objected and wanted to race for the team but eventually, it was Kubica who drove the BMW Formula One car at the Hungarian Grand Prix last year. From that race onwards, Kubica became a full time driver for the team after BMW opted to let go of the former Formula One champion.

"I had prepared myself for a whole year without actually competing in any races, so I am even happier to get this opportunity," Kubica said after the announcement that he will be driving for the team full time. "I am proud that the BMW-Sauber team have such confidence in me. I am determined not to let them down," he added.

Currently, the Polish driver sits at the seventh place in the driver's championship race with 12 points to his credit. His best finish in his Formula One career is a third place finish at the Italian Grand Prix last year in only his third career Formula One race. This season, his best outing was at the Spanish Grand Prix where he recorded the fourth 4th place finish for BMW Sauber. During the Monaco Grand Prix, he finished fifth behind Alonso, Hamilton, Ferrari's Felipe Massa, and Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella.