Volvo Wins Contract for 300 Trucks

by : Glady Reign

Volvo Trucks is looking to increase their presence at the Russian truck market as the demand for trucks in the said country continue to increase. Recently, the Swedish truck manufacturer received an order for 300 trucks from the Russian logistics company Sunflower. The agreement between the two companies includes the financing for all the 30 trucks by way of the Volvo Financing Services. This order gives Volvo Trucks a big boost in increasing their popularity in the region.

Sunflower is one of the biggest logistics company in Russia and has businesses in the car hauling segment. The company also provides other services aside from transportation such as forwarding, storage, and customs clearance. The increasing demand for passenger cars in the country is the reason why Sunflower is expanding its fleet. This also means that Volvo is in a position to take advantage of the growing auto market in the country.

Lars Corneliusson, the General Director of Volvo Trucks Russia, has this to say: "This far-reaching order shows that Volvo Trucks is the most attractive business partner for advanced transport companies in Russia. It also proves that our focus on supporting and facilitating customers' business development is effective."

The order for the 300 Volvo trucks came after the Swedish company sent a delegation in the country in relation to the construction of a new plant in the country. The construction of the new plant is expected to begin shortly after the Swedish company signs an agreement with the Russian authorities. The truck assembly plant will be constructed in the city of Kaluga which is just 200 kilometers from Moscow. After the visit of Volvo's delegation at the said city, it is expected that the local authorities and Volvo will soon reach an agreement. It is expected that the truck assembly plant will be opened and be fully operational by the year 2009.

As for the order from Sunflower, Volvo Trucks will be supplying them with FM trailer trucks. These trucks are powered by a D13 engine which can produce as much as 440 horsepower and that is around enough for towing large trailers. The safety of these vehicles is one major reason why Sunflower chose to order their trucks from Volvo. The use of safety features which are also used on smaller Volvo vehicles such as the S80, XC90 and the S40 with its reliable are also used in these trucks to ensure the safety of truck drivers. The Swedish company is expected to start delivering the trucks by the end of this month and is expected to fill the order by early 2008.