Petriello Starts Formula Bmw Season in Utah

by : Evander Klum

The history of the Bavarian automaker and producer of quality BMW parts and accessories such as is loaded with a range of motorsports activities that include Formula Two, Touring car racing, and sportscar racing. And presently BMW is active very active in Formula One and its Formula BMW.

The Montreal driver Petriello after completing three official practice sessions during the winter is very confident to compete with the best drivers at each race. According to Petriello, "I am very confident that I will finish in the top five at every race and to finish first as a beginner this year."

Although some may viewed Petriello's statement as somewhat bragging but in reality the Montreal driver is really hard working and he has been preparing for six months. At least 20 drivers have registered in the development series and most of them have already renewed their yearly contract, Petriello on the other hand did not wait for his opportunity. He has signed an agreement of partnership with the energy drink 24

He said, "I don't believe in a free opportunity! It is clear that I have a lot to learn compared to the other drivers, but it's up to me to prepare myself for the competitiveness that lies ahead."

Official tests results
Petriello's performance after the three official practice sessions scheduled by the series during the inter-season was considered remarkable with him garnering a fourth place finish at Virginia International Raceway wherein he has competed with more experienced drivers. Petriello explained, "It was not easy but the team sent me notes and I communicated regularly with them. We established a working etiquette. The practice sessions helped me both master and understand the car. Speed is only one dominating factor." He said before heading off to Utah.

Petriello has taken part in the Formula BMW racing school and thanks to the energetic drink 24 Power and SRA karting, Petriello will finally compete in the Formula BMW USA 2007.

Here are the official practice sessions for Formula BMW:

March 20 - Road Atlanta

Drivers Team

1- Race Johnson HBR Motorsport

6 - Jeffrey Petriello Team KMA

7 - Yannick Hofman EuroInternational

12 - Maxime Pelletier Gelles Racing

April 7 - Virginia Int'l Raceway

Drivers Teams

1- Daniel Morad AIM Autosport

4 - Jeffrey Petriello Team KMA

10 - Maxime Pelletier Gelles Racing

11 - Yannick Hofman EuroInternational

April 22 - MSR Houston Raceway

Drivers Team

1- Sebastian Saavedra EuroInternational

5 - Jeffrey Petriello Team KMA

10 - Yannick Hofman EuroInternational

12 - Maxime Pelletier Gelles Racing