Volvo Gives New Style to Boxy Vehicles

by : Glady Reign

Volvo Cars is currently working on a new project - to make their boxy vehicles become even more popular and interesting than what it already is. And they are currently applying this new project of theirs in the upcoming Volvo C30 sports coupe vehicle which would be making its entrance in the US auto market by fall this year.

This new vehicle would be coming with a price tag that state $22,700 and it also does give you the option of having to upgrade from the standard engine into one that could offer you an added zoom of 220 horsepower from its turbocharged unit. This vehicle comes equipped with the right amount of safety features and the usual parts like the among many others. Spokespeople from Volvo are saying that this new vehicle is going to be mainly marketed to those young yuppies although other market types are very welcome as well.

The company is also saying that such a move to make the vehicle even more appealing to younger buyers is because of the fact that once they have been able to gain the respect of such an audience and market, they could be loyal customers to the very end. Volvo is also hoping that this sporty C30 would make it big just like how the S40 sedan has been able to achieve in its stay in the market.

Anne Belec is the chief executive for the North American arm of the car brand and she explains that the Volvo S40 sedan "was quite successful in attracting a younger buyer. and we think the C30 is going to continue moving the needle in that direction." She even does continue to say that their goal would not only be to attract young buyers but also to be able to get the attention and interest of all other buyers who were not even thinking of having a Volvo in the first place. That would be what they consider to be a challenge.

The Volvo C30 has already made its way in the Canadian auto market and it has been appearing in dealerships and showrooms already. On this, Belec excitedly shares, "It's bringing people into the showrooms. And while they're there, even if this car's not for them, they have an opportunity to look at the rest of our portfolio."