Honda Civic Type R Heading to South Africa

by : Evander Klum

Honda, world's largest producer of engines and quality acura parts such as will be presenting an exciting product in South Africa. The Honda Civic Type R is one of the highly anticipated performance vehicles in South Africa and will make its pre-debut at an exclusive affair in Johannesburg.

The three-door hatchback with its high-revving 2.0 liter iVTEC engine will officially go on sale in June. A selected group of journalists, celebrities, as well as aspiring owners are to have the privilege of taking a sneak preview of Honda's most celebrated hatch.

The exclusive event at Johannesburg that will beheld at Hazeldene Hall was part of Honda's SA's pre-launch marketing strategy which will also include a drivetime radio-based competition with the objective of increasing consumer awareness for the Civic Type R and at the same time encourages more visitors to the micro site created for the Type R.

The Civic Type R boasts features that are simply hard to ignore while successfully delivering what Honda calls as "a refined and stimulating driving experience". Honda's chief engineer said that the Type R project if cut in half will reveal Honda's blood. This remark is also the inspiration for the uniquely made, hand-delivered invitations which are in the form of blood plasma bags and with posing question---"What Type R you?"

At the event guests were greeted by fire and funk dancers with the Red Bull and Absolut Vodka serves as the welcoming drinks round up by flashing red LED ice cubes. Using their Honda-supplied ID tags, guests are ushered to explore the red and black Civic Type Rs on display from every possible angle. And just in case the sight of the fiery-hot Type R became too hot for guests to handle, there are models that are dressed in sexy nurse's uniforms that are very much willing to provide assistance.

The entertainment will be provided by the guitar wizard Albert Frost and Springbok Nude Girls' Arno Carstens supported by Tamara Day and Flash Republic, 5FM's Nicole Fox and DJ Ricardo. John Laurence, Divisional Manager of Marketing at Honda SA said, "As one of the most exciting cars ever launched by Honda in this country, the Type R is targeted at young, trend-setting consumers who are image-driven and are seeking a premium vehicle. The preview served to underline the car's originality, its unconventional status and its state-of-the-art concept. Judging by the reaction, the Type R is set to take the South African performance hatchback market by storm."

Here are the major features of the Honda Civic Type-R (source:

Exterior Design

The exterior employs a pure sports one-motion form design with aerodynamically advanced surface treatment and sharp edges. Newly developed aerodynamic devices include a large air intake in the front bumper and grille, a rear bumper with built-in rear diffuser, a high-mount rear spoiler, and extended side sill garnishes, giving the car an aggressive overall appearance.
Specifically designed engine hood and front fenders.
Specially designed shiny black chromed front grille bar, headlight sub-reflector and Civic emblem design.
Type R red Honda emblem front and rear.

Interior Design

The overall black color scheme gives the interior cockpit a racing car-like appearance, bringing the driver closer at one with the car.
The front bucket seats are specially designed for Type R. Separate center/side construction with high side bolsters and optimized cushion rates help hold the body in place, helping the driver concentrates on driving.
The multiplex i-VTEC engine revolution indicator alerts the driver that engine speed is approaching maximum allowed revolutions. Self-illuminated, lit with red-colored flashing lights and is strategically located for minimum eye movement in circuit and other high speed driving conditions.
Other performance-oriented features include a small-diameter, genuine leather oval steering wheel, an aluminum ball-type shift knob, a short stroke sports shift linkage, metal sports-type pedals and footrest, and a separate, button-type engine starter.


A higher compression ratio and improved breathing efficiency help the naturally-aspirated K20A 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine output a maximum of 165kW (225PS) at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 215Nm (21.9kgm) at 6,100 rpm.
NSX production methods contribute to smoother port surfacing, improving intake/exhaust airflow.
Drive-By-Wire (DBW) provides for finer tuning of throttle response and power output.
Optimum tuning of intake and exhaust manifolds provides for high output at high engine speed while also improving torque characteristics over a broad engine speed range.


A close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission is matched to the Type R engine.
Optimized gear ratios offer superior accelerations at high speeds, providing exhilarating performance.
New features include a highly rigid aluminum transmission case while the addition of a baffle plate helps mitigate oil starvation at high cornering speeds.
A short stroke shift linkage contributes to a sporty shifting feel.

Highly Rigid yet Lightweight Body/Chassis

The highly rigid Civic body and its advanced layout serves as the basis for an even more highly rigid, yet lightweight Type R body. Measures to enhance body rigidity while reducing weight have translated into a body that is 50% more rigid than in the Integra Type R production model sold between 2001 and 2006.
Specially tuned suspension, high performance 18-inch tires, a torque-sensitive helical limited slip differential, large disc brakes for improved fade resistance and other performance-enhancing features contribute to higher cornering performance and stability for an exciting, racecar-like driving experience.
The specially tuned suspension boasts revised spring and damping rates, and thicker stabilizer bars for improved vehicle stability.
225/40R18-sized high-performance Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires.
17-inch disk brake with Brembo 4-pot aluminum front calipers.
Specially-tuned ABS/EBD system.
Special lightweight 18-inch aluminum wheels are matched to black wheel nuts.

Safety Performance

Honda's original G-CON (G-force Control) technology is incorporated to create a body with a crash safety performance that is among the best in the world, withstanding a 55km/h full-frontal collision; a 64km/h front offset collision, a 55km/h side collision, and a 50km/h rear collision.
The vehicle's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body provides a high level of self-protection and also improves compatibility toward other vehicles.
The vehicle is also designed to help mitigate pedestrian injury in the event of a collision thanks to the use of impact-absorbing structures.
The front seats are equipped with 3-point, load-limiting ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts with E-pretensioners.
Front-seat occupants are further protected by standard driver/front passenger i-SRS air bags.
ISO FIX compatible child seat anchoring bars and tether belt anchor plates are standard on the rear seats.

Environmental Performance

The Civic Type R complies with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport emissions regulations for 2005.
PVC and Cr6+ use have been eliminated from interior and exterior components and wherever possible throughout the vehicle to achieve over 90% recyclability*.