Volvo Babies are Now Grown Ups

by : Glady Reign

Volvo Cars is currently heading towards a brand new styling philosophy to wipe away its boxy image. The evolution of design resulted to revelation of jaw-dropping revamped Volvo S40 sedan and the Volvo V50 wagon which have been both refined to give each model a more distinctive look.

"When the cars were introduced almost four years ago, we emphasized that they gave buyers the properties of the larger Volvo models but in a more compact format. Now we're taking this approach one step further by increasing the 'grown-up' quality perception even more," said Volvo Cars President and CEO Fredrik Arp.

Volvo also entertained a number of design cues to give the S40 closer semblance to the new S-range look as first shown on the Volvo S80. The V50 and the V70, on the other hand, are cues to look closer to new V-range. "When it comes to the exterior, we're aiming for increased differentiation between the two models. The interior refinements have focused on liberating smart storage space," said Volvo Cars Design Director Steve Mattin.

The Swedish automakers product lines are far better that they were years ago. This is because automaker wanted to prove a remarkable design evolution that will set it apart from the assembly of the previous . The all-new S40 comes with the new color-coordinated soft nose, a new grille with a larger Volvo mark, new headlamps, and a lower air intake.

"The new, lower and more horizontal appearance radiates smooth power. This impression is reinforced when the car is seen from the side. At the rear, it is the shape of the new tail lamps and the new bumper that further boost the dynamic appearance," said Steve Harper, who has been responsible for the design of the new Volvo S40 and the Volvo V50.

The all-new V50 is equipped with a sportier black egg-crate grille with a larger Volvo mark, new headlamps, and the three sculpted lower air intakes. These new features give the new color-coordinated soft-nose V50 front an increased aura of solidity. "Here, we've created visual vertical elements in order to further emphasize the new grille," said Harper.

"The criticism of the current models' limited storage space served as high-octane fuel when the time came to sketch the new interior of the S40 and V50. We weren't entirely satisfied until we felt we had exploited every single available cubic centimeter in an efficient way," explained Harper.

Under the hood, the Volvo cars feature sharper driveline range. The T5 engine produces an output of 171kW. Internationally there are also five other petrol engine versions available - ranging from a 74kW 1.6-litre to 126kW 2.4i including the bio-ethanol Flexifuel variant.

The new S40 and V50 are given a long list of safety features to go with the new design philosophy. Features include the optional Active Bi-Xenon headlamp, hazard warning lights, brake lights with the EBL (Emergency Brake Lights) function, and cutting-edge safety airbags.

"The Volvo S40 and V50 not only account for one-third of our total sales volume in 2007; they also play a vital role in reinforcing the Volvo brand. The new models sharpen their competitiveness in every important area and I am convinced that together with the new C30, they will attract even more new and younger buyers," noted Arp.