Volvo S70 T5 And The Volvo V70 R

by : Patrick Kolodziejek

The Volvo s70 was introduced in 1997 as an executive luxury car. The T5 was a model that offered a 5-speed transmission, which made the car a lot more fun to drive. The Volvo v70 was the station wagon version of the s70. The Volvo v70 R featured a better engine and offered 300bhp for the driver that was somewhat demanding on the car.

The Volvos s70 T5 is still sought today by many Volvo enthusiasts. Many of these seekers love the fact that the Volvo s70 T5 features explosive power and power that the standard s70 didn't possess. The car is also fun to drive with its manual transmission. The 5-speed transmission shifts smoothly and the all wheel drive kicks in the minute you shift into gear. The car features an excellent and luxurious ride over highway and a little fun off the main roads. The Volvo s70 T5 is also considered one of the quickest cars in Volvo's line. Plus, it has all the safety features that you would expect from Volvo. From the looks of this car you see traditional Volvo written all over it, but that's just because they were trying to hide the sports car that lives within. Buyer beware, it could be very easy to get a ticket in this car!

Volvo has introduced a reworked and upgraded car in the Volvo v70 R. These cars featured an upgraded engine in 2004 along with more luxury accessories. The car was made to look sport inside and out, despite being a station wagon. The cars also featured better handling with a new braking performance system that works in a well-balanced fashion. The R line Volvos also come with standard all-wheel drive, monitor traction by Haldex and an aggressive new chassis. As Motor Trend puts it, these cars feature both sport and utility.

Either car has the power you want and desire as well as the safety features you want for your family. These cars are excellent whether you are traveling down the highway or picking your kids up from soccer practice. If you are looking for something fun and feisty, go with the Volvo s70 T5. If you want something with a little get up and go but still room for four kids and the family dog, then the Volvo v70 R is for you. Either way you won't be disappointed.