Volvo Still Rules Estate Car Segment With New V70

by : Glady Reign

Large estate cars, known for their luxury and the versatility to accommodate a growing family, have been the best selling cars of Volvo. Their previous models like the Volvo Duett, Volvo 245 and the Volvo 745 have all been popular with the car manufacturer's loyal buyer base.

And from the genes of such great estate cars come a new breed that will further cement the company to that top spot of the mentioned segment. The new Volvo V70 comes with so many improvements that it seems like the Ford Motor Company owned brand covered all the bases just like a does when it jackets all the parts of the vehicle.

The company has 54 years of experience in the development and production of such vehicles and it shows in the ever improving luxury wagons that they produce. Their confidence in their mass produced estate car is summed up by Volvo Cars President and CEO Fredrik Arp when he stated that, "This segment has been our specialty ever since we invented it back in the 1950's. Our competitors can count on us remaining number one in the future too." He is confident that they would still be on top of the market for a long time because of the Volvo V70 which he had described to give "rear passengers and luggage both ride in first class".

Their continuing dedication to producing estate cars is due to the fact that the demand for such cars is increasing as their performance gets better and better. The primary reason for the increase in size of the estate car segment is the changing preference of many car buyers which opts for these large and versatile cars instead of the less roomy sedan. Switching to a luxury wagon from a sedan does not sacrifice the driving dynamics and the comfort of the occupants. The versatility of the estate car and its much roomy interior is its best advantage over the sedan. And today, the focus in choosing an estate car is design and comfort which the company strived to give to their Volvo V70. As a matter of fact, the car manufacturer even expects that half of the number of people that will buy their Volvo V70 will not be actually a person with a growing family.

What the new Volvo V70 brings to the table is a totally new design brought about by the use of the design team of a new vehicle architecture technique. For the first time in the model's history it will sport a six-cylinder engine and it would also offer a wide array of engine choices. Consumers can choose from two gasoline engines - a diesel engine or a bio-ethanol powered engine. All these engines are engineered to perform to its highest potential with a complementing lineup of high performance parts. The new Volvo V70 has an improved front seat comfort over its predecessors, thanks to an improved cushioning of the seats and ergonomically designed instruments and console. The car also sports a high-end audio system for the user's listening pleasure.

Versatility is what this estate car and it is evident in the 40/20/40 rear seat split configuration makes it the most versatile and flexible vehicle of its kind, add to that a convenient cargo loading feature. It features a sliding cargo floor that allows for convenient loading of luggage. A power liftgate is also an optional feature that further increases the convenience of the user in terms of loading cargoes. To ensure that the cargo should have a comfortable ride just like the vehicle's passengers - every detail in the compartment and all the accessories included are designed to give the correct feeling of luxury and comfort.