The Xc90: Volvos Special Purpose Vehicle

by : Glady Reign

The Volvo XC90 from its inception in the market has been an award winner and has received much praise. Volvo's quest for the crossover vehicle market supremacy is highlighted by the rise in popularity of the Volvo XC90. The crossover vehicle carrying with it the reputation of the company's drive towards providing safe cars for the public has been improved and made even safer and made to perform even better. The sport utility vehicle frame on a car's body with the integrated safety systems and a wide array of technologically advanced features make this vehicle a top contender in its class which includes some heavy competition. This, of course, makes the feat quite remarkable.

The vehicle's power comes from a 4.4-liter, double overhead cam V8 engine which is a first for a Volvo known for using inline engines with five or six cylinders. The engine is configured to have variable valve timing to maximize the engines capability to produce up to 311 units of horsepower. The V8 engine built by motorcycle giant Yamaha is the only engine of its kind to give a vehicle a designation of ULEVII or Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle. This feat is another testament to the company's dedication not only for safer but also cleaner cars. The design of the engine makes this possible and the perfectly engineered parts from the down to the spark plugs and to the exhaust manifold works in harmony to reduce the emission of the vehicle.

The car is an all wheel drive thus giving the Volvo XC90 better traction and stability even during nasty weather. All the wheels of the vehicle get their power from the engine via the Volvo Geartronic 6-speed automatic transmission equipped with the Adaptive Shift Logic and Winter Mode which can give the car smooth gear shifting. Fuel efficiency of the vehicle is respectable which is rated at 15 miles per gallon on city driving or 21 miles on the highway. Its sports utility vehicle trait is apparent in its towing capacity which is rated at 5,000 pounds which is quite the same with the Honda Ridgeline pickup.

The interior of the Volvo XC90 is not only packed with safety features like airbags and pre-tensioned seat belts but is also a treat to the eye and other senses as well. The design defines luxury from the wood and metal accents which complements the plush black leather which adorns the interior. The integrated controls, handles and the seats are designed to bring comfort and please the eye. The car is roomy enough to seat seven passengers with adequate legroom and headspace. All the seats except the driver's can be folded down to accommodate luggage if the rear storage space is not enough.

With all the rich features and the high performance capability of the vehicle coupled with the company's mark of high safety standards makes the Volvo XC90 a serious contender in its class.