Volvo Xc60: a Look at the Future

by : Kevin Anderson

A couple more nights to go and the Detroit automotive show, which is much known as the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), would already be polishing off the last details and then opening its doors to the public. And with this grand event, Volvo Cars would also be sending out one of the newest vehicles in their range. And it is not just a restyle vehicle holding , mind you.

The new Volvo vehicle is the Volvo XC60 and it is a concept vehicle. According to its creator, this vehicle would be the kind of transportation that the future would be having. In fact, this concept vehicle is going to be the basis for a new production vehicle sometime soon. This Volvo XC60 concept vehicle would soon be joining the ranks of the Volvo XC70 and the Volvo XC90 in the Volvo line of all wheel drive and cross country vehicles. Uniquely, the Volvo XC60 concept would be coming as a combination of both the all wheel drive feature and the sportiness and charm of a coupe.

People who are up to much adventure would certainly be loving this vehicle. In fact, the Volvo XC60 has been created and will be marketed so as to be able to target those people who love design, value, brand, as well as the latest automotive innovations and high technology features.

Steve Mattin is Volvo's design director and he describes the Volvo XC60 concept vehicle as, "The XC60 Concept features a number of innovations that indicate how our cars will look in a few years time. It is time to once and for all forget about boxy Volvos. Instead, we will make our Scandinavian design heritage more emotional and radiant by adding sculptured, exciting shapes and innovative features." He also does continue by saying, "With more expressive and emotive shapes, if you can recognize a Volvo from fifty meters today, I want to get to the point where you will instant spot a Volvo from twice that distance in the future."

On the outside, you can expect the Volvo XC60 concept vehicle to be holding twenty inch wheels as well as scuff plates made of aluminum. Just the kind of look that the future will be having.