Flagship Volvo S80, Ready With New Prices

by : Kenneth Mckinley

Known for its range of vehicles that offer passengers safety and style, Volvo is very well prepared for the upcoming new model year. And it has made sure that all of its vehicles that would be coming in with new model versions would be ready not only in terms of features and technology but also ready in terms of packages and pricing.

The Volvo S80 would be coming in with new features and new styles and according to its creator which also manufactures and the whole lot, this Volvo sedan has been created so as to make not only ripples but big waves in the luxury market. It now comes with a list of features that are powerful and very useful. Plus, the vehicle also would be coming in with a competitive price.

Volvo further says that the new Volvo S80 sedan would be bearing with it some part of Volvo's colorful history. It would bear with it the best in safety and performance. These would be combined with new types of design which would allow drivers and passengers to experience and feel a new type of handling, entertainment, and comfort that cannot be quite experienced in luxury vehicles.

"The S80 is extraordinarily well equipped, so we've carefully selected and packaged a small number of very appealing options for discriminating owners who want special touches in areas like audio systems, personal security, and the luxury features that let them personalize their S80s," shares Steve Blyth, CEO of Volvo. This is when Blyth was questioned about the power of the vehicle. After all, he did also quite emphasize that power does not really make up a vehicle. It does take a good combination of features that work together well to make a really outstanding vehicle.

Those who are opting though for a good boost and zoom can quite have a choice for the Volvo S80 offers two engine choices. One is the inline six cylinder engine with 3.2 liters capacity. This one has the capacity to create 235 units of horsepower. Another option would be the V8 4.4 liter engine with the capacity to boost up to 311 horsepower.