Production for Bmw Hydrogen 7, Begins

by : Sarah Mcbride

BMW has announced the beginning of the production of the world's first hydrogen-powered luxury saloon car BMW Hydrogen 7. Said new car is scheduled to make its public appearance at the Los Angeles Motor Show on the 28th of this month. The automaker will be producing a limited number of the car and said production will be offered next year to chosen users only.

The new car from BMW is based on the 7 Series. BMW body parts are equipped with an internal combustion engine that runs on liquid hydrogen or petrol. When the car is using liquid hydrogen as its fuel, it emits no more than water vapor. Hydrogen 7 also boasts its BMW car parts that include a 260 horsepower 12-cylinder engine. With it, the car accelerates from 0 62 mph in a matter of 9.5 seconds.

BMW Hydrogen 7 is designed to shift swiftly from hydrogen to petrol power. This can be done with just a push of the steering wheel-mounted button. The shift will not adversely affect .

The dual power technology of the car has a cruising range in excess of 125 miles in the hydrogen power and additional 300 miles under petrol power. Aside from the traditional 74-litre petrol tank, BMW Hydrogen 7 comes with a tank that can hold a maximum weight of 8 kilograms of liquid hydrogen.

The engine power and torque of the car remains the same regardless of the power source. Additionally, the driver can switch between the two power sources without compromising driving performance. BMW Hydrogen 7 prioritizes the utilization of the of hydrogen power however; when the power source run out, it switches to petrol power automatically.

The hydrogen technology used by the new BMW pride decrease emissions produced by personal transport and minimizes carbon dioxide emission as well. BMW, as well as other automakers like Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Ford, Audi, and Toyota are also venturing in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

100 units of BMW Hydrogen 7 will be manufactured in 2007. Details, pricing and other information about the 100 cars will be announced by the automaker at a later date.