Nothing is Compromised With the Volvo

by : Kevin Anderson

Since the year 1997, the Volvo C70 has been manufactured. This has been made available as a product of the collaboration of Volvo Cars and of the Ford Motor Company. This vehicle took the place that used to belong to the Volvo 780. The vehicle has been designed so much so that it would be marketed and sold as a convertible and as a coupe and the Volvo C70 is also an entrant to the cabriolet and the luxury coupe segment.

You would be able to meet only quite a few Volvo C70s on the roads, streets, and highways. However, once you are able to know the vehicle, you would surely be hooked on it for a real long time.

The Volvo C70 has been built with retractable hardtops. Straight right out of the factories in Sweden that also build and other Volvo cars and vehicles, the Volvo C70 came to the United States auto market only this April. And come the month of September, there have only been some 2,545 units of the vehicle sold. But this has not been a matter of concern for Volvo. You see, there are only quite a small number of Volvo vehicles that are sold in the United States per year. In fact, according to Volvo, they are only projecting to sell only 8000 units of the Volvo C70 per year.

If you do own the Volvo C70, you would surely find that this vehicle is one that does not compromise any of the features that you would want to find in a vehicle. And imagine, you would be able to enjoy driving through various weather with the top up or even down. Experts in the field also do say that this special vehicle would surely be able to transform those who do not like convertibles into convertible lovers and owners. That is the kind of power that Volvo has bestowed on the Volvo C70.

Take a look at the interior of this vehicle and you would find the door panels to have large and very much stylized badges. These badges actually do inform you that behind everything you see in the vehicle, there is the inflatable curtain system that would give you that safety that you would need. There also are the rear headrests that would give you the right kind of protection during collisions or crashes and even rollovers. Sure enough, Volvo did not forget that whatever kind of vehicle it produces, safety would not be compromised as well as all other things essential in a vehicle.