View Volvos Treasure Hunt Webisodes Packed With Action

by : Joe Thompson

Ever wondered what happened to the much hyped Volvo Worldwide Treasure Hunt for that buried one of a kind Volvo XC90 that was pirate-themed?

What most do know is that somebody already found the vehicle. And it is his. But did you know that you now can view over the World Wide Web webisodes (web episodes) on the last leg of the whole hunt? All you need to do is visit Volvo's site made especially for that purpose at

The websides would be coming as a series of videos. It would show off the various challenges that the finalists had to go through in the whole race that needed them to use their muscles, their brains, and various forms of media. At the start, all these contestants knew was that the Volvo XC90 V8 that the Volvo Car Corporation was giving away as the prize was buried somewhere in the world. But when the winner digs up the vehicle, everything about it - from to accessories - would be in top shape for it was placed in a strong and sturdy crate.

There were seven finalists who hailed from various countries in the world. At first, the location of the final leg of the race was not disclosed to anybody. Only during the start of the final leg of the competition was the location revealed. They had two days to search anything and everything in the Bahamas Islands. They had to venture through land, air, and sea to decipher where the Volvo XC90 V8 was buried. And you can view three exciting webisodes at the given website so you can still be part of the whole excitement.

If you are familiar with reality shows like The Amazing Race and the Survivor series, then you would find these Volvo Treasure Hunt webisodes to be familiar. You see, those who filmed the contestants while they are locating the vehicle are those professionals who were able to work on other reality shows like Fear Factor. The first part shows on August 24th, while the second and the last webisodes would be shown on the 28th and on the 29th respectively.