First Glance at Volvo C30

by : Kevin Anderson

Volvo C30 was first shown during the Detroit show of 2006. Since its debut, car enthusiasts were interested in Volvo's smallest car. Brace yourselves as the Volvo will show the production version of the two door hatch at the Paris auto show this coming September. Although the Volvo Company has not yet planned the US sales, they claim that the car will be available in US by next year.

According to Volvo's president and CEO Fredrick Arp, the latest breed of Volvo Cars is scientifically and precisely made for young singles with an active and social lifestyle. The company is expecting to sell 65,000 units of C30s every year. Volvo Cars North America pointed out that the company is still deciding whether the car should be sent to US.

C30 is Volvo's smallest car, and it is one inch and a half smaller than the Audi A3. With a length of 167 inches long, C30 is 8.5 inches shorter than Volvo S40. Quality and comfort is also a must for Volvo C30. It features a four-seater folding rear bucket seat located at the inboard for a more spacious and superior windshield visibility.

It uses the same 2.5-liter, turbocharged five-cylinder engine Volvo used in both S40/V50 and C70. This four wheel drive car develops 218 hp and 236 lb ft of torque from the engine used.

This car is also made for safety and security. It has a Blind Spot Information System that tells the driver that another vehicle is in its blind spot. Like other cars, it also has safety belt pretensioners, side airbags as well as whiplash protection system. Riders will not only feel relaxed but they will also feel free from harm at the same time.

Volvo C30 auto parts may not be available on the market today, but these car parts will be accessible soon. But still, other Volvo parts for previous models like and are widely available on the market.

To keep you updated with the latest news about Volvo C30, you can log on to Volvo's official site for news and updates. Reading car magazines and journal will also be a great help. Keep posted for more information.