Cycling Socks That Allow a Higher Level of Ventilation

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Professional bikers have their shoes on for incredibly long time periods, and without proper protection their feet will be all irritated and the skin infected. The soles of our feet are the body parts that sweat most, toxins and lots of salts and chemicals are released during intense physical effort so that shoes become a very uncomfortable and unhealthy environment after prolonged outdoor activities. This is why cycling socks manufacturers have come up with technological innovations that deal with the problem of air flowing, sweat evaporation and antibacterial conditions, all features reunited in the special quality of the fabric.

Some people may smile with distrust thinking: "Well, it's just a sock, right?" However, sports apparel items, cycling socks here included, guarantee a higher level of ventilation, preventing the moisture accumulation in the material and the permanent air exchange with the exterior. The feet remain dry and warm all day long, and there are no unwanted surprises like hot spots, blisters, rashes or fungal infections to be afraid of. Cycling socks also include special design items such as mid-foot support bands that make sure there is not too much pressure on the tissue; thus, they fit snug but without being too tight.

If you don't have some special cycling socks, you can try some thin wool socks that do not restrict blood circulation, and which also ensure a quality insulation even when they're wet. However, the best recommendation still goes for a type of cycling socks that meet all the requirements for comfortable riding. One clear example of such ultra modern clothing items will show you the level at which science has got in this domain: we are talking about cycling socks with separated toes. They make use of a very thin anti-friction membrane that allows the skin to breathe without hindering movements or blood flow in the area.

With such anatomical cycling socks there is little skin on skin contact and blister formation is prevented all the way, not to mention that, under such circumstances, there are very low chances of developing any form of skin rash or fungal infection between the toes. Since pedaling puts a lot of pressure on the feet and the apparel items specific to these body parts, cycling socks manufacturers use all sorts of reinforcements to ensure durability and reduce foot fatigue. There are almost no seams at all, a feature which ensures a high level of comfort and positive blood circulation in the area.